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My babies turned 10 today. Has it been a decade already? Fuck. These two are EVERYTHING. Bold, beautiful and UNAPOLOGETIC. (They get that from me 👸🏾😂). Anyways, this is a cheeky throwback to when they were good little babies, who I potty trained in 2 weeks. Before they knew how to clap back. Before talking with their hands was even an option. Before the “are we allowed crop tops and iPhones” questions came. Wouldn’t change them for the world though! Hardest part about being away from home #MyBabies #10thBirthday #Twins #DestroyersOfMyBankAccount #LovesOfMyLife #Nieces #IAmMyNiecesKeeper #AuntieGoals < that’s me 💅🏾👯‍♀️🎉❤️
At Christmas I issued a reading challenge to my family. Today I looked up and saw this ... #auntiegoals #booklovers
Our precious little Lola, a week old already, I just can’t get enough of this little beauty! Love this bubah #auntiegoals
Amazing 😉 she’s only the auntie but it seems she’s the babies mama cause they look alike waooo #smallsislove #auntiegoals