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Today I decided to read the not-yet illustrated text of ‘The Den’ to my 2-year-old. I have it printed on scrap sheets, where I sketch VERY rough examples of the illustrations I want to do for each page. Bless her heart, we get to this page, she gently pets the picture and in a high-pitched voice starts telling the babies how cute they are. Whenever I feel like my drawings aren’t good enough, I’m going to take them straight to her! #outofthemouthsofbabes #babygirl #nannylife #sketch #theden #thewoodlandfamilybooks #dowhatyoulove #kids #authorsofinstagram #wolves
Shipped out some advanced copies of #HomelessButHuman today. In two weeks it’ll be official. Make sure order on October 30th! 😁📖 I’m proud of it and excited to offer a different perspective on homelessness. If you want an honest look at life in a homeless shelter, I’d encourage you to read this.
ALTAR OF SIN PART 3C Mama Adamma and her children have been surviving on her salary as a nurse and that was the only reason why they had not gone begging. Adamma was under pressure to start earning as soon as possible so as to reduce the financial burden on her mother by helping in the training of her brothers. She opened her mailbox and checked the notifications from all the various job search sites she had subscribed to and began to send her CV to the relevant ones when she heard: "Ada, come in. I am done with counselling." It was Minister Barnabas' rich baritone voice. She locked her phone screen and lifter her bag from her laps. She looked around her and was surprised to see that there was no one within the church premises anymore. Not even Min. Barnabas' P.A, driver or any of the brothers who were always at his beck and call. This was strange, she thought, or not. To be continued. Àdùnní. #fiction #fictionwriter #bookish #bookworm #bookworms #writersofinstagram #writing #writersofig #writerscommunity #africanwriter #bookish #novel #readmore #reading #reader #booknerd #bookstagram #booklover #bookaddict #authorsofinstagram #thatnaijachic
• 1 • C L I C K • Have you popped your K-pop Cherry yet? Whether you’re a K-pop Newb or a Mega Stan, you’ll love Reb & JK’s all the feels story. 🍒 KPMC is .99c on #AmazonKindle or FREE on #KindleUnlimited Link in Bio 🍒 BLURB: 🍒 If there’s one thing you should know about me, other than I swear a lot, is that I believe in destiny. I don’t mean in the wear crystals and do my chart daily kind of believe, but more in the there’s a breathtakingly beautiful universe out there, much older and wiser than I’ll even be, so why not trust in what she has planned for me. Which is why when THE opportunity of my career gets within my reach, I not only know it’s meant to be, I feel like my entitle life is about to change. And I don’t just mean my relocation to Seoul, aka K-pop Central. You see, there’s this guy...I mean, isn’t there always? And full disclosure, there are actually seven - more deets on that later- but the guy I’m talking about is, well, mine. He just doesn’t know it yet. So yes, I believe in destiny, but who says I can’t nudge her along a little, even if it turns out to be much more than I bargained for. My name is Rebecca ‘Rebel’ West and this is my story... 🍒 This is an erotic romance story. Contents suitable for 18+ 🍒 @authorameliaoliver @katehastingsauthor #AmeliaOliver #KateHastings #KpopMyCherry #LiveNow #NewRelease #OneClickReads #OneClickBooks #RomanceWithHeartAndHeat #AllTheFeelsReading #LoveReadingRomance #IndieRomanceReads #SexySteamyReads #RomanceReads #KPopRomanceRead #KPopRomanceBook #KPopEroticRomanceReads #AuthorsOfInstagram #IndieAuthorsOfInstagram #Bookstagram #Readstagram #Writestagram #LoveToRead #BookishAF
Sometimes you write a scene that just feels wrong. You could have spent hours on it, or just a few minutes, but it just feels wrong. Tonight I hit a roadblock in Doomprince. What I wrote just didn't feel right; none of it felt organic or grounded, and though the very nature of the scene is meant to be surreal it was lacking that sense of belonging I needed. None of it seemed to fit together. So I'm not reading before bed tonight. Instead I'm obsessing over this scene, trying to work out just what's meant to happen, and how to express it. Likely I will carry on tomorrow evening; I can't continue writing until I know what I need to write. Sorry for the negative post this evening, but writing isn't an easy process. Sometimes the story throws something at you that needs a lot of hard work to overcome. Night all. #struggle #struggling #writing #books #book #author #authorsofinstagram #authorproblems #negative #negativity #planning #obsession #Doomprince #badscene #goodnight #roadblock #writersblock #upset #stressed #writer #novel #amwriting
Do you read mysteries? 🕵🏻‍♀️ . A big thank you to @penguinrandomhouse for gifting me this copy of The Prisoner in the Castle by @susaneliamacneal 😍📕🍂 . . Little know fact about me: I ghost write Cozy Mysteries 😱 Sadly, I cannot disclose anything more than that, but I’ve found the challenge of creating a fun mystery to be SO difficult but also soooo rewarding! Nothing better than a “whodunit” moment. And yes, sometimes I channel my inner Jessica Fletcher (aka Murder She Wrote). . . 👉🏻 What’s a little know fact about you? . . ❣Don't forget to join the fun by tagging #createexploreread 📷 . . . . # #theprisonerinthecastle #cozymystery #mystery #amwriting #writer #booknerdigans #literaturejunkies #bookstack #bookoftheday #bookishthings #vscobooks #ilovebooks #bookworm #bookish #bookaddict #bookstore #bookshelf #goodreads #booksarelife #bookcommunity #amreading #amwriting #authorsofinstagram #writingtips #writing #writingcommunity #writingtime #writinglove
ALTAR OF SIN PART 3B Although Adamma had nothing against Minister Barnabas or any man of God for that matter, she just felt the arrangement was odd. She had just concluded her National youth service programme and at twenty four, all she had on her mind was how she would secure a good job. She didn't feel it was right for an older man to organise a meeting between himself and a young lady alone at night, no matter the relationship between them or who he was. Unfortunately, her mother didn't see it this way. "Mama." She called her mother. "Don't mama me, bikonu. Stay and let him pray for you. Stay. Take your transport fare." Her mother answered and gave her a two hundred naira note from her bag. _________ Ada reluctantly sat in the church and waited for Minister Barnabas. She brought out her infinix hot phone she had purchased with savings from her earnings during her service year. A lot of things were on her mind and none of them had anything to do with Barnabas or church. All she needed was a good job. Her father had died when she was just sixteen years old. A month after she concluded her senior school certificate examination. Since she was the first and only daughter of her parents, her four brothers were much younger when tragedy struck. Her father, who was a business man, and probably a millioniare had died in a ghastly motor accident while on his way outside town to conduct his business. It was a dark time in their family, their village was thrown into mourning and her mother was the most affected by the incident. She had to go through a lot of inhumane practices all in the name of "widowhood rites". After she had concluded all the rites, her brothers in law took over all her husband's properties. Her father had made the mistake of not drawing up a will, a mistake his family is still paying for. To be continued. Àdùnní #fiction #fictionwriter #bookish #bookworm #bookworms #writersofinstagram #writing #writersofig #writerscommunity #africanwriter #bookish #novel #readmore #reading #reader #booknerd #bookstagram #booklover #bookaddict #authorsofinstagram #thatnaijachic
Okay! The people have spoken! Leading up to, during, and likely beyond #Nano we will be talking craft and tips and writing goodness!- If you’re not a writer, and just enjoy reading ... please join in too! Don’t feel left out! We are HERE for you! -Readers have so much to offer the creative discussion and as YA authors we LOVE engaging with all aspects of the writing community! - With #nanowrimo 2 week’s away, let’s talk plotting vs pantsing. Are you feverishly making an outline or is your only plan to wing it by the seat of your pants? Post your favorite quote about plot! - Do you start with character, setting, or something else? We wanna know! - By the way @tiffyinspired is a plotter and @mbmulhall is usually pantsing her way through the process. So we’ve got you covered on both sides! - #amwriting #writinglife #writingcommunity #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writing