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Que venha lindo, alegre e cheio de esperança! #autumn
To be honest, I had the urge to take the broom and sweep the leaves away because obviously someone gave up, but then I had just paid my S&CC to the town council so nahhhhhh. #lowSES . . . #singapore #sgig #autumn #hdb #voiddeck
One of the many memories I've been meditating to. You can always count on the wildest places to allow yourself to breathe. PC: @apapuga
I posted this on my other accounts and figured fuck it, might as well post here too. So, I FINALLY got the magazine that my photo was published in! It took me long enough lol but I love having a tangible copy of it rather then just knowing it was published 😊 Check out @vermont_vibes for more of my photography!! 🍁
Então, sabe Jahú???