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Excited to bring you a fantastic beginner (but not basic!) heels workshop this Sunday with #aybcherelle ! This workshop will focus on getting you comfortable in heels by giving you ample time to concentrate on building your confidence and performance of the routine! Slots free for existing AYB members and those with workshop credits or £20 on the door! #heelsandfeels 👠
Sooooo What did you do this weekend? I mean the energy in #aybcherelle #heelsqndfeels Intensive is ALWAYS out of this world! 😍 it's a great thing when professional and beginners can dance together and get in their feels and celebrate each other! #aybfam SWIPE FOR BOTH CLASS VIDS!
Ain't nuffin like a #aybcherelle Heels Intensive 😈 come on down this Sunday at 3.30pm for 3hrs of 👠 fun with your Fam! £20 on the door no need to book! 🔥
We have an unlimited supply of #AYBsauce and we feel now way in 2018 so spread dat shizzzzzz! Get down to UrbanBEAT class tonight 7pm, then this weekend for workshops with #aybjoelle #aybkash #aybalisha and #aybcherelle! Oh not to mention we have FREE DANCE FITNESS POP UP Saturday and Sunday! If you can't get ur fill what's goin on? 😈 @black_hooded_rat thanks lol
#aybhighlights! Dancing in front of tourists and skateboarding Londoners in the most recent AYB Quarterly Dance Concept Video (oh yeah next one is coming up soon ahhh)was a breeze for you guys....Truely empowering....because your what? SICKNING!! #aybcherelle hooked y'all right up!
Okay, AYB withdrawal is real and I really do miss dancing. Now people are sharing their best moments of 2017 and I must say that joining @aybfam was one of the highlights for me. All the people I met ❤️ and to be able to do something you love the most in the friendly and safe environment is probably one of the best gifts of this year 🙏🏼. P.S. And I do miss @cherellejay who choreographed both of those pieces 💔. Will be waiting for the workshops ✨ Happy New Year FAM!!! . . #dance #ayb #aybfam #aybcherelle #dancing #lovedance #dancers #heelsdance #heels #feminine #fitness #fit #sport #lovinglife #londondance #танцы #training #dancingdesigner
Going over some of your AYBfam hottest moments.....and.....THIS!!! 😱🔥😱 #aybcherelle made y'all get nekiddddd!! @___ge0rgie___ going innnnn!
Why is the AYBfam like this 😩😂 #aybcherelle needs help! Can Sally come to your next Heels intense in Jan? @cherellejay
Need to work on my centre of gravity with my floor work but definitely getting there. Loved this routine soooo much #aybfam #aybcherelle
How much do we love #aybcherelle right now? 😩❤️ this is what we are all about! Don't be fake, give yourself a break! You know she is gonna bring it next week Sunday 3.30pm!
Oi oi y'all better get booking! You saw how fast it booked out last time! Get those heels feels with ur girl #aybcherelle BOOK ONLINE NOW
Part 2 of #aybcherelle Heels Intensive Workshop last Sunday! The way the room was fully of support and just alive!! Well done! SWIPE FOR MORE VIDS @jheneaiko