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A two month transformation and a reminder of why FAT is so important to our diets. This little babe has grown a ton in the past three months consuming breast milk which is composed of all the nutrients she needs to grow, including high fats. Our bodies need fat to absorb nutrients, have energy, promote cell growth, protect our organs, and help our brain and nervous system function properly (amongst other things). Don’t be afraid of fat, just choose healthy fats like those found in avocado, nuts, eggs, dairy, fish, coconut, olive oil. Swipe to see her big brother’s transformation 2 years ago! .👶🏼 . and thanks @taracannistraci for this onesie, still going strong! ❤️ . . #bodyfitbyamy #babyfitbyamy #eatclean #babiesofinstagram
Little Dude had his first hair cut today 😍. Stop growing!