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“Baby Badass didn’t ask to be born.” Baby Badass is a recent recommendation from Justin’s Comics and we have a few issues left in store. It is graphically gory with brutal action that draws you in. The intense absurdity will either make you chuckle or stop reading the comic by reason of nonsensicalness, but I believe that is the intention. If you want to read about a baby set in a futuristic world who mutilates others while be carried around by a provocative waitress with her own enemies to deal with, then this is may be for you. It’s even crazier than it sounds. #ActionLabDangerZone #BabyBadass #IndieComics #ComicBooks #JustinsComics
#BabyBadAss is turning four the end of the month! 🗣Come Skate with him Sunday the 25th at 2! 🤟🏾🎂