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She gets more and more beautiful every day! Smarter, stronger, kinder, every day! How has it been 7 months already?!? ❤️❤️❤️
Chim! This modelling life is not easy! Isiigini? I said today na today. I wear my Christmas cloth and i will not pose? Mbanu. They said a touch of pink, i said #fineankara lets go there. Selenle is my first name, shakara is my second name, if in doubt, apply highlighter and some red lipstick! . That is how I started. My photographer started laughing. I said ah, wettin happen, she say nne biko raise your neck, twist your stomach and jump high! I said just for picture? . But it is all worth it! Check pic 3 to see our before! Will i do it again? Yes oooo. . Wettin remain na my color! If you are a skin care specialist or consultant biko meet me in my dm and help my modelling career abeg. . It is the month of October, it is about Breast Cancer awarenes. Be concious and alert, check yourself regularly. If you are in doubt, speak to your doctor! . . Photographer/modelcoach @majesticroobee . #fineankara #ankaramen #ankarastylesformen #ankarafashion #fashioncollections #fashiongoestochurch #phmua #ankarasellerinph #festacmua #portharcourtmums #portharcourtbaker #madeinnigeria #abujamua #beninmua #warrimua #asabaweddings #naijabrandchick #turkeywears #fashionforchurch #nbctribe #hustlersquare #hustlersgang
Just hangin out at home...finally got a smile outta my girl today. ❤️❤️❤️ As cute as she is here, I’m a little worried about that thumb in her mouth. This just started last week—chewing and sucking on her thumb. I know she’s teething so I’m hopeful it’s just a phase, but what if it isn’t? Any advice on what to do with a thumb sucker??? I’ve been pulling her thumb out of her mouth when I can, but that’s just pissing her off! Help?!?
Ummm whaaaaa?!? I was just doing dishes in the kitchen and she was just whining in the living room—cause that’s what she does now when I’m home but not holding her—and then all the sudden it was quiet. I turned around and there she was!!! She crawled all the way over to the gate, pulled herself up, and started fiddling with the handle. We’ve only had the gate up for a week! How in the world did she figure that out already?!? She’s only 7 months old!!! 🤔😳🤯
Our first play and sing music 🎶 class was a huge success! As you can see, Sof was a little apprehensive going in, but she changed her tune immediately when the music started playing and everyone was pounding on the floor. She loved all the different musical instruments (even though she just chewed on most of them) and she danced along to all the songs when she was on her feet. ❤️ Safe to say that we will be signing up for the winter session starting in January!
We had so much fun last night at Uncle Dewey’s and Miss Crystal’s with Uncle Hunter! We carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkins seeds, ate donuts, drank hot mulled cider, and watched Monsters Inc. It was a perfect way to get ready for Sofie’s first Halloween! Sofie wasn’t so interested in the pumpkin guts, but she gave it a try. 😊 Carrying on family tradition, Daddy carved a scary 🎃 pumpkin, while Sof and Mommy looked to the moon 🌙 and stars 🌟 #happyhalloween #familyiseverything
🎃Tons of fun today at Lisa and Andrew’s baby shower! We cannot wait for play dates with our new little cousin!!! 👶🏻😘
Yep... I got to go grocery shopping with Mom. Everyone stopped to talk me bc they just loved my outfit ♥️