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اكتاي پسرم ! آسمانم ! قدم به قدم مطمئن و آرام گام بردار گام بردار و به سمتم بيا كه با دستاني باز منتظر در آغوش كشيدنت هستم پسرم ! قدم پشت قدم بردار و از زمين خوردن نهراس؛ محكم بايست و از دوباره از نو آغاز كن كه اين اولين درس زندگي توست . دلبندم! گام بردار و بسوي زندگي رهسپار شو و بدان كه بعداز هر قدم اثري به جا مي ماند . مامان مونا نوشت : اولين قدم هات مبارك يكي يدونم مامان فدات شع پسرم ❤️ ٩٦/٩/٢٣ #oktayn #babyboy #babylove #babyinsta #babycute #babykiss #babylittle #babykids #babynaz #babyfashion #babymodel #babyshower #جشن_قدم #تم_زرد #جشن_قدم_اكتاي #ماشاالله #تبارك_الله #⭐️ستاره_شبهام #چشم_بد_دور_که_هم_جانی_و_هم_جانانی 💛
Little angel 💕
Is it me, or should it just be Friday already?! This week is dragging on, probably because we've got plumbing issues 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I've been stuck at the house waiting for different plumbers aaaaaaall week. 👎🏼BUT, there's a light at the end of the tunnel because 1) Corinne is napping for the first time all week 2) Wilson is ALSO napping which is literally a miracle and 3) I've got not one but TWO girls' nights planned for this weekend! And BONUS: I get to go grocery shopping alone tonight. This is the stuff of dreams people, I'm tellin ya. 🙌🏼 . Okay maybe I need to get a life 😅 . Thank you to @mizzouchic101 for sharing her beautiful babes with me! I LOVE seeing my clothes on your littles so if you've got any pics, please send them my way! . 📸 Mulberry striped Corinne dress and Fall Floral Maria Dress
Wooohooo it’s FriYay 😃✨