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Cuddles with the kids are seriously the best! She’s been a bit under the weather which means more snuggles and I don’t mind one bit! 💕
Easy? Nope. Worth it? Yep. . I shared with you all that I started a 12-week program on January 1. . It hasn't been easy, and I've been far from perfect. But I'm 3 weeks into it and I'm down an inch on my waist. An inch?! Gotta say I'm pretty excited about seeing what all 12 weeks gives me. . I'm here to tell you that you don't have to be perfect, I'm a day behind on the workouts, and have had my moments (days) when my nutrition hasn't been on track, but this just proof that you don't have to be perfect, just better. . So if you're ready to start making positive progress towards where you want to be physically and emotionally, comment below or private message me to get started. . Our next 30-day challenge starts Monday so now is the time to jump onboard!! 🚂 #freefitnesscoach #newyearnewme #newyearnewyou #progressnotperfection . . . #thefernandez5 #babynumber3 #fitmom #fitfam #familyoffive #familyof5 #toddlerlife #toddlermom #sisters #babyboy #littlebrother #winterfun #csectionmama #cleaneating #daycaremom #engineer #ilovecoffee #sleepdeprived #breastfeedingmama #postpartum #postpartumjourney
Will be my last picture with my huge ass belly! Praying everything comes out good next week! 🙏🏻 #BabyNumber3
Atticus just pounded back the stew I made yesterday, filled with beef, sweet potato, carrots and peas. Then a snack of red pepper , now some strawberries for dessert . He’s getting so good at holding his food and even better with chewing then swallowing. It’s a messy process, and it takes longer for them to actually eat anything but I am so happy with the #babyledweaning approach. Happy I’ve been able to do this with all three of my babes ! #Addyboy #healthyfood #babyboy #babynumber3
Quality pompom Baby Set 💙 On offer for £20 posted (uk) Size New born and 6m left in stock. Comment or Dm to order.
Looooove this chunky little girl
This CHILD, fast outgrowing her babyhood, expressive of her autonomy with a big sense of humour and all of the chats. Life is so busy with new words coming all the time, a house to be unpacked and every potential for risk unearthed. 18 months is such fun but exhausting too. She's currently alternating between chilling out breastfeeding and scrabbling for my invisible third breast, which is apparently somewhere by my armpit. I'll blink and she won't be so little anymore.
So excited to finally share that we are expecting our third baby in July!! I'm currently 14 weeks, which means the baby is about size of a lemon 🍋👶🏻 ••• Things have been ROUGH all day, every day since about week 7 --morning/all day sickness, food aversions (mostly meat and veggies), exhaustion, headaches. With my other two pregnancies I finally felt normal again around week 16/17, so hopefully I'm in the home stretch with this one as well. ••• I could not have gotten through this time without the support of my AMAZING husband @hypertrophycoach -- he has literally been doing everything for me since I have been sick -- cooking, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, driving the kids and I every where, and so much more... ••• On the bright side 1. I'm really enjoying my baby bump as it's finally starting to pop out now🤰 💕2. I made some roasted carrots today and they smelled and tasted good, yay!! ••• #momof2andabump #babynumber3
Operation: W A L K baby out 👟🤰🏼🙈
Not even out of the first trimester and I've had to resort to the handy hair tie trick. #babynumber3
Gorgeous little diva in our pop diva dress 💗💗 Thank you for sharing 😊