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💜Do you want a strong core? Glutes are included!! Whaaa?... If your core is strong and stable you can perform better at sports and it also aids in lifting heavy weights more safely💜 This is a POP Pilates move is called 💓Cross Butt Kick💓 It focuses on glutes including mid and minor (which we often forget to work) and the hip abductor. Start on all fours, keep the hips square towards the mat and cross leg behind you without bending the elbows, then bring it to your side and kick. You may start kicking low as you build the flexibility and strength to kick higher😉👏🏼🙏🏻 . . #pilates #poppilates #poppilatesofficial #pilatesbody #pilateslovers #pilateslife #blogilates #health #healthy #workout #exercise #yogapractice #coreworkout #balance #core #poplove #yogaflow #pilateslove #ピラティス #progressnotperfection #strong #smile  #happiness #yogalovers #pilatesmoves #pilatesexercises #glutework #gym #yogafit #lifting
I made a choice today. It hurts, and I miss my best friend. I attached to her, than found interest in her ex after years of me previously dating him, therefore detaching from and devaluing her. I was honest, but honesty can hurt. I have always had feelings for him so when he came back in contact with me I was unexpectedly happy. She doesn't think I was ever her best friend, but I truly felt like I was. She was so nice to me, helped me through a lot, and gave me peace of mind. I'm only human. I'm not perfect and I can't help how I feel. We got so close, now we aren't on speaking terms. I hope she forgives me someday, she probably won't. #friendship #lifequote #balance #dating #bpd #hypomania #sadness #choice #exlover #emotions #mentalhealth #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #depression #ruinedfriendships
Hey guys! - - I've been a busy bee today but here's a fun wall flow I did this afternoon. I just had to find a way to bust a sweat so here it is. Back to work meow 😜 - - Love,- Erin- - Ps. I'm aware my feet are dirty, the only persons problem it is, is my own 👣😂🐾. - - Painting- - - - - - - 📷 by: @erinkellyart ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Would you like to get YOGA T-Shirts, Hoodie or Mugs? Grab yours by clicking the shop in my profile Bio 💞💖
Reggae Rise Up in a nutshell 🤸‍♀️🎶💜🎉 just some impromptu acro while jamming to @sojagram live. I like to think the fuzzy light in this video is portraying all of the good energy that abounded at @reggaeriseup_florida this past weekend. So many magical moments and I found a newfound love for acro yoga!! Acro is all about trusting someone to support you and feeling safe with just floating and not having control. So much fun but I definitely need some practice 😆
Expanding our consciousness opens us to a world of infinite possibilities, pure connection and unconditional love 💕 Mother Aya we shall meet again very soon! 🌌 Yeeeeooooow 😁
Sit firm in your truth, be still and clear your mind like a diamond. 堅守自己的信念,保持沉穩不動分毫,思緒如鑽石般明淨通透。