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When in doubt Handstand.
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Good morning Tel Aviv
Levitate...and watch one second become two 🧘🏾‍♂️⏳ music by: @hussam_beats 🎶
Sorry guys you know I don’t post too much these days! _ I often film some things to check my progress but I’m so busy I don’t get round to posting anything unless it’s 4am and I can’t sleep (like now!) _ I’ve been just going for some front levers at the start of each session - whether it’s a pull or push day - since I can feel the improvement and it makes me want to do it, and you know what it’s made me realise... _ All that shit about not overtraining and splitting up your training into different muscle groups - it has some kind of truth but equally if you really go for something daily you still get way more out of it that training other things and taking your rest day and coming back to it. I used to use parallettes (or the floor) every day and do transitions between L sits, tuck planches and handstands because it was fun and easy to do anywhere, and I got good really quickly. But now I swear I can barely hold a tuck planche anymore because I don’t train it - granted I wasn’t this close to a front lever and my muscle ups were weak, but right now I can barely even lower down from a handstand into an Lsit, which was one of the first things I learnt when I started all this a year and a half ago! _ So I’m gonna start doing all around training again, training those things every day, just for as long as you can each really makes you get somewhere, so don’t hesitate to go hard at it - you can’t get any worse can you?