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#Repost @historyofthebatman ・・・ Good afternoon Gothamites and I hope you’re all having a fantastic Friday! Today (January 18) in 1974, the world lost the man behind molding the #Batman we celebrate today, #BillFinger (“ #InMemoriam Bill Finger” by #ENelsonBridwell from August 1974’s Amazing World of DC Comics issue 1 presented). Bill began writing comic strips in the same studio as artist #BobKane in 1938. After National Publications (Now #DCComics) approached Kane to create a hero just as popular as their newest star, #Superman and Kane conceived the idea for a character called “ #TheBatMan", Finger was brought in to ghost write on the project. Not only did Bill Finger do major design changes to Kane's original vision of the Bat-Man, such as changing the red and yellow color scheme to blue and grey, the domino mask to a cowl, the stiff bat wings to a flowing cape, but he also made Bat-Man a scientific detective (inspired by figures like Douglas Fairbanks and Sherlock Holmes), even adding gloves to the vigilante's ensemble. Those elements and Finger's brilliant stories mixed with Kane's superhero vigilante persona refined the character as the dark icon of the DC Universe to Superman's bright image, and the Bat-Man was launched in #DetectiveComics (Vol 1) 27 on March 30, 1939. Bill Finger's contributions surpass just creating Batman, but he is also credited for mythology such as the #Batmobile, the #Batcave and naming Batman's home ' #GothamCity'. Finger also helped co-create some of the #CapedCrusader’s most classic characters from #Robin to The #Joker to #Riddler. We remember and thank Bill Finger for being one of the most important figures in the #historyoftheBatman.✌🏼🖤🦇[Interview with Athena Finger:] #TheBatman #TheDarkKnight #DarkKnight #BruceWayne #ComicBooks #Comics
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