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● 7 TO SMOKE #AllStyles A través de esta modalidad 7 competidorxs verán puesto a prueba su resistencia y creatividad sobre todos los estilos, y quien gane más batallas durante los 20 minutos de la 7 to smoke o gane primero al resto se quedara con los premios del primer lugar. En esta ocasión contaremos con Juradx de lujo! - #BgirlOli - #SuperpoderosasCrew reconocida Bgirl dentro de la cultura, por su trayectoria y militancia, siendo de las principales referentes a nivel nacional. #ParaguayRepresent - @deb.rah.nsd - @nsd.crew - dancer reconocida por romperla en #HipHop & #Waacking, sin dejar de groovearla en estilo que se le presente. - Katiuska Cantillo a.k.a. #Kat #Funkadelic represent con todo el flavor de #Venezuela! Y al mic como Maestra de ceremonia, con su energía y carisma únicos! @natufigueredo 😎 #Battle #Freestyle #House #Popping #Locking #HipHopLadies #Breaking #Dancehall #Vogue #Krump
‼️2시부터 입장 시작입니다‼️. 당일 참가도 가능하니 많은 참가부탁드립니다‼️ 📩문의주세요!! - DOZEN 1 VS 1 FREE STYLE BATTLE ON HIPHOP BEAT & BREAK 2018. 02.24 SAT @6XENSE STUDIO - ▪JUDGE▪ OHBODY, DANDY, K-MAN, J-ROC - ▪DJ▪ Dee8, OVALIKE - -BATTLE MC- FEELO - -GUEST SHOW- • FEMALE UNIT (XIMILAR, OPPORTUNITEE, MIS.JI) •AFTER SUNSET •C.R.E.A.M 082 - 우승상금 200,000WON 준우승 의류 상품 - -신청 안내 참가자 선착 입금순 100명 한정으로 진행될 예정입니다. - 오프라인: 식스센스 스튜디오 - 온라인: paydaydee ———————————— 참가/관람신청 이름: 연락처: 입금자명: 참가or관람(반드시 표기) ———————————— 참가 15000원 관람 10000원 계좌번호: 1005-202-153606 우리은행 (임동연) 📥문의 : 010 2471 7129 - 예선 2시 - 접수시작 3시 - 예선 시작 - 예선 룰 - 2Circle, 각 써클에서 첫번째 무브에서(40초) 선택권이 있는 져지가 한명을 초이스, 초이스 된 1명은 그대로 16강 진출. 써클 그대로 두번째 무브(40초), 져지들이 매긴 점수 순대로 6명이 16강 진출. #6xensedancestudio #battle #Dogen
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What a battle! By 1 point 🔥 #alinazagitova gave me chills with her will power and #evgeniamedvedeva drew me into her world of Anna Karenina and made me cry. Victory of Russia🇷🇺 一点差の大接戦。どちらの演技も失敗のない完璧な演技。ザキトバの運命的なエネルギーには鳥肌、 メドベジェワの表現力でアンナカレニナの世界に引き込まれて涙♥️ ロシアの完全勝利🥇🥈 #figureskating #women #single #olympics #2018 #gold #silver #russia #victory #battle
Кобура для пистолета Р38 Walther (коричневая)
Famous photograph of a young German soldier during the Battle of the Somme, July 1 - November 18, 1916. . The infamous 1916 Battle of the Somme was the bloodiest battle on the Western Front and symbolizes the useless trench warfare fighting of the First World War. The British would suffer 420,000 casualties, the French 200,000 and the Germans a staggering 500,000 - 600,000 casualties, though some estimate up to 700,000. After 4½ months the Allies had advanced just 6 miles. . It's the common opinion that the Anglo-French offensive was a useless bloodbath which achieved nothing. The Battle of the Somme was definitely a bloodbath, but it did achieve significant things. . The offensive had dealt a loss on the German army which it would never recover from. Thousands of the Germans who perished were experienced troops from 1914, which couldn't be replaced straight away. . The battle served to relieve pressure off the French, who were near defeat due to the German offensive at Verdun. The Somme offensive did force the Germans to cease their focus on Verdun, and the French won the Battle of Verdun in December 1916. . Before the Somme, the British army was an inexperienced, mediocre army, which could definitely be seen on the first day of the battle, July 1, where the British suffered near 60,000 casualties at the gain of almost nothing. By the end of the battle the British had learned what works and what doesn't work in modern warfare, and this counts for the troops fighting and the generals commanding. The British would also introduce the tank into warfare on September 15, 1916 at Flers-Courcelette on the Somme. . The 6 miles from the offensive combined with the 25 mile German retreat to their Hindenburg Line in March 1917 marked the biggest advance on the Western Front since trench warfare had begun. The German retreat also boosted Allied morale. . So as a conclusion, the Battle of the Somme was a bloodbath, but it lead to significant Allied gains. . A German officer said: "Somme. The whole history of the world cannot contain a more ghastly word."
come outside right, right now... (trust me it's nice outside of the boxes of your mind 🔭💭) 🎥 by @christobal_glasini