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Hi from my “office” 👋🏻 Guys, it’s been a week. A lot of you out there are also nursing students and I know you can relate: it’s been one of those weeks where you feel defeated, beat down, and crazy stressed. I’ve had a lot going on between school and work and I’ve still yet to find my motivation again. I’ve been eating just okay (cravings out in full force), working out minimally, and overall just not feeling myself. I haven’t been posting on here much because I haven’t felt very “fitness-y” lately. Meals haven’t seemed post worthy and haven’t been feeling the infamous gym selfie lately. That’s all. No motivation or anything, just some reality. I hope you’re all well and crushing your weeks 👊🏻
homemade pumpkin spice lattes 🙌🏻 (pumpkin spice season is not over, okay...?)
So for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to not do #bbglegs on Monday and instead do them Wednesday so that when I was super sore I wouldn't have to work on Thursday and could limp around my house instead of work..... bad idea. Not only was I still super sore at work the last 2 days from #bbgarmsandabs but I also slacked yesterday and had to get legs done today. Which means I will still be super sore at work tomorrow! But at least I got it done today, slowly but surely! 💪😣 . . . #bbglegs #week1 #bbgcommunity #bbgdetroit #mylegs #sweat #sweatwithkayla #kaylasarmy
Lately I’ve been struggling immensely with motivation and have fallen into this vicious cycle of not working out, beating myself up for not working out, and feeling defeated. This really speaks to me. Nothing blooms 365 days a year, so you shouldn’t feel compelled to, either. Just because you see people working out every day doesn’t mean you need to. Listen to your body and most importantly, give yourself GRACE. You are only human. Keeping these words in mind today ❤️
This? Is complete and total BULLSHIT. Healthy habits are not made at the scale. Healthy habits are made in the kitchen, in the gym, in your own personal mindset. They are rooted in real food, self-care, and moving your body. They are NOT the scale, not the number of pounds you weigh, and definitely not the size of your jeans. And healthy habits are different for everyone. Do what feels right for YOU and fuels YOUR body. Numbers do NOT define you.
2018 mantra? 2018 mantra.
I’ve never really been one for sap or sentiment or even New Year’s resolutions, but I really feel like I made strides in 2017. I learned to let toxic people and environments go, to embrace being alone, that things will happen as the time is right, and that your worth is not defined by the opinions of others. You don’t have to fit a mold the world has placed you in. Don’t have a boyfriend? Failed a class? Breaking out? Ate or drank too much last night? You are still worthy. You are still important. You still deserve love. No one has their life together all the time. They may seem “perfect” but they are human too. • 2017 was the year I started treating myself well. Stopped starving myself, stopped looking in the mirror and tearing apart every flaw, stopped living for others, stopped waiting for a man to come around and show me I was worth something. • Happy New Year to all of you kind, supportive, and beautiful people. May 2018 bring you so much love, strength, and happiness that you can’t help but smile.
I guess the lesson here is that you can’t go wrong with a food picture... happy new year lovelies 💕 #bestnine
Happy last Friday of 2017 🎉 here’s to a new year of crushing goals 👊🏻
Week 5 legs in my room had me so sweaty this morning 💦 #bbg