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Chris and I couldn't decide what we wanted for lunch so I threw together this leftover bbq and cheese plate smorgasbord for us and it hit the spot. First things first, these ribs from @wholefoods are literally the best I've ever had, and they were a deal for Amazon prime members so basically obsessed. Also, we marinated the chicken in apple cider vinegar for twenty minutes before grilling and OMG, the best taste and juicy AF even when reheated. Super proud because I've been pretty terrible at using all of our leftovers in the past, but we've made a concerted effort to improve this year and are 100% reaping the benefits. On a completely separate note (staying on topic isn't my thing) I wanted to thank everyone who reached out yesterday, my heart is actually bursting from all of the love and support, I love each and every one of you. • • • • • • • • • • PLATE DEETZ: @wholefoods pork ribs (sauce is a mixture of the last of a bunch of sauces + spicy @sirkensingtons ketchup) + @wegmans organic chicken breast + wing (marinated in apple cider vinegar and grilled + broiled w. @thejamstand peachy sriracha) + air fried sweet potato chunks (w. lemon evoo + @traderjoes truffle salt + @naturenates raw honey) + @simplemills sea salt crackers + @traderjoes grilled halloumi w. @naturenates honey + @miyokos_kitchen garlic & herb cheese + @hilaryseatwell bites
Today I said “F @ck it!” and drove straight to the park and did a Bodyweight workout. . Catch it in my IG stories from start to finish. . The key is to NOT overthink things. Just do it (now I see why that slogan worked)
My daily go to. 🍃 Blend a dash of cayenne pepper, a TSP of lemon juice, one inch of ginger and a handful of mint together, strain over your water and enjoy! Boosts gut health and digestion, immunity and mental energy. 🌿And, bonus, gives your H2O a fun twist!
be y o u 🖤
When saying goodbye to one thing means saying hello to another. Sometimes in life you need to close the chapter and start on the next and that is what I’m doing myself. Today marks the last day for me as a PT. I’ve chosen to do this to allow myself a chance to finally give myself some energy and time and figure out where I want to be and also dedicate my time to my passion: study. I must admit it’s scary because I’m actually having to think of myself which I haven’t done for along time but it’s making me realise who I am. Not all goodbyes are bad, they may be scary but sometimes they can be what you need to open up more opportunities. Close one door another opens right?!👣
I’m in my apron, Heidi’s got color on her hair and Dominick’s wedged in the backseat on his way to work. Welcome to 32. 🤣😂 This is our new version of wild. 🙈
I’m drinking something in all of my recent posts... SO LET’S KEEP THE STREAK GOING! 🥂🍻☕️🥛Also, I’ve now competed in two triathlons, after not being able to run more than a mile earlier this year, so things are looking up! Check the blog (link in profile) if you want to know all my training tips and how I got to where I am now. And if you’re thinking about trying out a tri... DO IT. It’s one of the most inspiring and empowering event you can be a part of. I promise you that you won’t regret it. 🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
Whenever I think about how far I've come, or how I will find the strength to continue traveling, I think of my son. He arrived during what should have been the happiest days of my life (but were truly some of the most terrifying), and together we have walked hand in hand through some truly unimaginable things. I didn't know who I was until we met, I was drifting, in search of a safe place to land, someone to love me, a sense of purpose. The day I saw his face I found a strength within myself I would never have fathomed I could muster. I learned how to love myself so that I could truly give him the love he deserved, and I have grown up beside him. I talked a little bit (okay, maybe a lot a bit) on my stories this morning on my personal struggle with mental abuse and how I still feel the ripples in my day to day life, and it reminded me of just how much strength I have found in being a mother to my son. He is the greatest gift and has given me a gift I never imagined finding, a true sense of peace and self love for the person that I am, the person I have been, and the person I will be. If I live to be one hundred I will never be able to repay to magnitude of love that little boy has brought into my life.
Side transformation !!! I still remember the left me ... !! 💖 I completely hated waking up in the morning ... half the clothes in my cupboard didn’t fit the other half I felt uncomfortable in. I dreaded the fitting rooms & mirrors in them. The mindset to view my day/myself was totally negative. One good thing came out of all the negativity was me pushing myself to change the reason behind what made me sad. 5 rounds of #bbg later I’m so glad I made the change. 😊❤️ Change and Motivation is within you, you just have to find it. 💐
Hump day!! 🐪😆 I had toast, eggs, crushed red peppers, and @eatwholly avocado.
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I thought I should post this ✨GEM ✨of a photo I took at #railtobeach 😊. Have a great Wednesday 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🤙🏾
Superfoods everyday, because eating good + feeling good go hand in hand babes. 🙌🏻 Chocolate superfoods blended with cashew milk, 1/2 a frozen banana, cacao and topped with more cacao nibs. 💕
Can i get a yaassss for the girls? 🖤✌🏻
I’ve posted this before and I’m going to post it again. These tattoos are more than ink in my skin they are symbols; visual representations that help me remember who I am. My wrist tattoo is the chemical symbol for dopamine. The neurotransmitter released when you are happy for me this is a reminder to do things that make me happy. One of these is exercise and that will always be a huge part of my life. It’s been there for me when times were tough and I know that on any given day moving my body will make me feel a tonne better. My ankle symbolises earth, to me this means stay grounded. Always stay close to your roots and what make you you. When times get tough you know that you always have to fall on. I also use it remind me to never detour from who I want to be or what I stand for which can sometimes be hard in life. Do you have tattoos? Do they mean anything? Comment below 💕
I got a watch to track some of my fitness things and this was how many steps I had done earlier on today when I took this photo. I'm now on 9389 steps haha 😊 I've always wanted a Fit Bit or something but this one does what I want it to and it's cheaper 😊 I just wanted to post my steps because it's the most I've done since I got the watch a few days ago haha 😁 PS 8000 steps is the goal I've set it to at the moment. . #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbggirl #bbgnz #bbggirls #bbgkaylaitsines #kaylaitsinesbbg #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsinesbikinibodyguide #kaylaitsines #sweatwithkayla #sweat #bbgfitfam #fitfam #thekaylamovement #bbgjourney #health #fitness #exercise #workout #steps #fit #healthy #bbgpretraining #gym #fitnesswatch #mifit #watch
Fish tacos + wine courtesy of my chef sister. 🙌🏻🍽🖤