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#Buondì #fitfam! Settimana eterna, mamma mia non ne potevo più! Non che la prossima sia tutta sta favola però 😅 ieri ha nevicato, ho spalato neve per ore, il lancia neve non riusciva ad aiutarmi perché la neve era troppo pesante e ho dovuto fare tutto a mano 😭 ma quando arriva l'estate?? Poi, giovedì il medico mi ha detto che dovrei mangiare meno carbo. COSAAAAA?!?!??!?! Ho scaricato my fitness pal ma l'ho cancellata ieri, mi stava mettendo l'ansia 😂 Bene, buona domenica! 🔥 #chocoovernightoatmeal con #kiwi🔥 #Healthygirl #healthymind #healthyfood #healthybody #healthylife #healthychoices #healthybreakfast #breakfast #yummy #healthyandyummy #eatclean #eathealthy #bbgsister #bbgitaly #bbgitalia #bbggirls #bbggirl #bbgfitgirls #bbgfitfam #bbgfamily #topbodychallengeuse #kaylasarmy
Something that my #bbggirl @leigh_bbg said to me today really stuck. I've been celebrating some milestones this weekend and I'm so excited that every kg I lose I'll never have to lose again. That's a pretty amazing feeling. It will never be as hard as it is right at this very moment and with each workout I put behind me I get stronger, I get happier and I get healthier 👊 It's still really hard but it's so, so rewarding to finally be in partnership with my body and have it do what I need it to do for my happiness and health. My goal - hit 20kg by end of #bbg 1.0. I got 6 weeks and I can't wait to wave goodbye to another 3kg 👊
Que j’aimerais commencer la journée avec ce banana bread & sa confiture poire framboise, mais non c’est porridge ce matin ! Tu m’en refais un @lovelymoodmel ? 🙈🙏🏼
Tag Someone That’s Making a Fitness Transformation 💪 @getfitwjessica "Some days are easier than others, there has been days when I don’t feel like doing anything but laying in bed all day and there are days when I’m ready to put my running shoes on and go! This journey is not easy. It comes with frustrations, guilt, road blocks and soreness but also along the way, you can gain strength, confidence, happiness and a more positive attitude. Everyday that passes I learn something new and everyday that passes I am thankful that I decided to take on this journey and I am BEYOND thankful that I can inspire so many people around the world THAT I DONT EVEN KNOW PERSONALLY and everyday I wake up feeling blessed to know that you all are rooting for me constantly even on my bad days! Im rambling away but i just wanted to put that out there that all your comments and dms mean sosososo much to me, I’m sorry I can’t respond to everyone! I try to respond as much as I can but ya girl works and can’t have her phone all the time! Anyway, I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND HAPPY SATURDAY 💜💜💜 " _____________________ Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star, 30-day Transformation Program! 💪 Made a Transformation? Badass Female Transformer Engagement Group in Bio ❤️
Tag Someone That’s Making a Fitness Transformation 💪 @jovanafit "Happy ! I recently went through all my old jackets and found this goodie🙌🏼! I remember buying this jacket when my old one didn't fit me. Having to buy a 3XL jacket after being an XL the year before was when I really started to question the path I was on..... Maybe this was my first subconscious wake up call, I'm not sure, all I know is that something started clicking💭. No one can MAKE you change, but open your mind and listen to what your soul is telling you. It will guide you in the right direction. I finally listened to the little voice I had been suppressing for a while and I finally admitted that my health was quickly deteriorating. I didn't know how or where to start, but I started anyways. And that's all you need to know. You don't need to know everything, you just have to start. The rest will come. Trust.❤️❤️❤️ For those who will ask, my new winter jacket is a size M 😊" _____________________ Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star, 30-day Transformation Program! 💪 Made a Transformation? Badass Female Transformer Engagement Group in Bio ❤️
GOOOD MOORNINGG 🤟🏽 • • Sunday is here & a new week begins tomorrow! What is everybody doing on their last day off?! 😁👏 • I am working yay 😂 • • A LISS & HIIT this morning ✔️✔️💪🏽 • Happy Sunday to you all ✌🏽😚💛
Tag Someone That’s Making a Fitness Transformation 💪 @misscarlijay_healthyliving "⚜️Body Transformation - You've got to realise you are doing this for a whole lot more that just a number on a scale, or the physical weightloss. When you realise that and make that mental shift, thats when the magic happens! ⚜️For me this is about being healthy, fit, full or energy, feeling alive & capable of anything, then after all of that its about my actual size & the weight loss that came with all of that lifestyle change. ⚜️People are always talking about kick wins, wanting to see results over night, the next fad (that won't work) diet pills, waist trainers, wraps, 500 calorie diets & crazy detoxes.......If you keep going after these things, it shows you haven't really thought about losing weight, you're not serious or doing it for the long haul. Trust me, i know i was one of those people years back. ⚜️Then one day it all changed, i woke up & realised i really wanted to be fit, healthy & better myself & my life! I wanted to be the best version of Me!! That was the day i actually saw results that lasted! Yes it took me 2 years, & I'm still going now, but i lost 10 stone (63kgs) doing it the right way!! ⚜️What do you want???: 1). Quick shit weightloss gimmicks, waste loads of money on & end up with no results and sometimes putting on weight, OR 2) Take the chance, prioritise yourself, your health for the next 12 months, spending no money on fads & actually getting results you've always wanted? ⚜️Yeh i chose the 2nd option, the time is going to pass anyway, so you may as well use it to actually do something right !! ⚜️Exercise, eat well, work hard, be consistent, persistent and stick to it, never giving up on you!" _____________________ Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star, 30-day Transformation Program! 💪 Made a Transformation? Badass Female Transformer Engagement Group in Bio ❤️
So nice when your clothes keep getting bigger on you but your eating routines stay the same. So excited to get 100% back on track and start working more on this “dream” body of mine!
I can’t wait until 1 million dollars accidentally gets deposited into my bank account 💵💲💵
Change your mind and you change your life.
Not the best background, but whatevs. Had a fun day on the bike adventuring over the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito to Muir Beach 🏖️ and back with the Roaring Mouse Cycles inaugural shop ride! I even got to enjoy a pocket 🍩 while at the beach! Yum! Thanks for organizing the event, @franny_d28 !!!
I feel like tshirt day today, and regret because this morning is hot 😂 Today is arm day, and I'm focusing on tricep. I wanted to build more upper body strength and improve my form in pushups. Ahh i wanna be good at pushups! Also i want to follow more fitness people on ig who just started out. I want to follow through other people's journey instead of following only famous people. I don't want those who follow for follow because i don't feel that they are genuine. I wanna support more people in this journey just like fitblr back then. Ah also creepy men who lurk on fitness ig with suspicious following will be blocked. . . . . #sundaywork #sweatysunday #fitstagram #bbggirl #fitgirlgang #fitnesscommunity #nikewomen #niketraining #niketrainingclub #fitcommunity #fitgirlsguide