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My identity is not this Instagram account, it is not my journey to a healthier me or to have a lower % of body fat. My identity is not found in my ability to be a great mom or wife, friend or daughter. It isn’t found in my ability or failures. It isn’t found in what I’ve learned or have yet understood. . . My identity is only found in Christ. No matter how often I fail as a mom or wife, that doesn’t take away from who I am in Christ. If I make more money, or buy nicer things or lose everything my identity never changes. . . I am God’s very own child, adopted into His family, I am a member of Christ’s body, I am created in God’s likeness, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am chosen by God and he calls me His friend, I am home to the Holy Spirit who lives in me. I am forgiven. I am blameless in God’s eyes. And I have been bought with a very high price. . . So when you fail or succeed in any area of life, remember you are still 100% all those things above. Your identity can not be manipulated or changed due to circumstances. You are who God created you to be, not broken, not anything He isn’t. . . I challenge all of you my beautiful #fitfam + #bbgcommunity to really seek and find out what did you think your identity is? Does it align with who God is? Remember God is Love. Would Love create that identity in you? ❤️❤️
Beeing a full time nightshift nurse I don't have many days of. But today I had the whole day of and I had a lot of shit to get done. What did I do? I spent most of my day under a blanket in front og the TV and watched "Hart of Dixie." 😜 Yup, I decided that I needed to relax so that is what I did. After dinner I went outside for a walk, also todays liss. No resistance training yet this week but that's okay. Still many days to get it done. 🙌🏻 It snowed all day, but after walking for about 10 min it started to rain. So it was a cold walk but so good with some fresh air. ❄️🌧💨 #bbg #bbgfam #bbgcommunity #bbggirls #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbgnorway #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #fit #fitfam #fitness #fitmom #liss #cardio #training #trening #treningsglede #aktivmamma #aktivhverdag #aktivejenter #healthy #healthylife #healthyfood #healthyliving #utno #liveterbestute
. ha ha even in round ✌🏻of {O B E S S S I O N} I am learning to conquer these bands by doubling them up to work harder👊🏻🙌🏻💪🏻 . Pretty much every workout you use these amazing resistant loops to sculpt your arms & lift that booty! . And TRUE LEGIT…these things are freakin hard! . My arms, abs, & booty🍑 are on fire🔥 . Before completing the test group I had no idea that these little rubber band thingies could work my body THIS MUCH💪🏻 . Anyone else love using resistant band loops for their workouts? . . .
Week 2 Legs done! ✅✅✅ __ I am still “sick” with my sore/swollen throat, and my doctor can’t figure it out. She actually said “I am stumped” as my blood work is all fine. __ She seems to think I’ve developed a food allergy maybe, so I’m seeing an ENT on Thursday. I am just praying I’m not allergic to peanuts because I’ll cry 😫😰😩 #PeanutButterIsLife __ Hope everyone else is killing #bbgweek2 in the #sweat12wc !!! I’m not going to let a month long sore throat get me down lol 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️🙄 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #bbg #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbgover30 #bbgover35 #bbgcommunity #sweatwithkayla #bbgindy #kaylaitsines #bbgfam #bbggirls #bbgweek2 #bbglegs #fitmoms #fitmums #fitness #motivation #healthylifestyle #basementgym #2018goals #sweat12wc #fitandreich
A little cold brew on this nice winter day 😬 • I had an awesome HITT this morning, doing a circuit my hubby came up with. • • • Now working on a new design project while baby naps🙌
Here i am in my natural face state 💁🏻‍♀️No make up, no eyelash extensions, no tattooed brows🙅🏻‍♀️. JUST ME! (Well and my cute hubby of course 😘) while it’s super fun to get all dolled up i was finding that without make up, without eyelash extensions i was EMBARRASSED to go anywhere public or have anyone see me! 🙈 anyone feel the same!? I would like hide in the grocery store if i saw anyone i knew and totally avoid eye contact with everyone 🏃🏻‍♀️💨 So i made the challenge for myself to embrace my natural face. Embrace ME! 🤗So i no longer have eyelash extensions. That doesn’t mean i won’t get them in the future cuz they are like the BEST thing everrr 🙌🏼 but for now until I’m in a place where I’m really comfortable with “me” just the way i am, I’m going without. I would say the biggest thing that is helping me with this challenge is feeling confident with my skin being clear. I haven’t been too good at caring for my skin since i became a mom and then I’ve had a hard time finding the right fit. My skin is sensitive and i break out and can get rashes too. I decided to give @freskincare a try because i heard great things about it plus it’s made for people with sweaty active lifestyles. I’ve been using it for a month now and my skin hasn’t been this clear in YEARS!! I’m literally blown away. It’s made of organic Argan oil, argan leaf water extract and argan are cells. It’s 100% vegan- cruelty free and an Argan Tree is planted for every set sold. I’m seriously in love with this skincare and I’m so happy it’s a part of my routine now! It makes my natural face challenge so much easier to embrace! Now for any of my fittie friends reading this, use code ACTIVELY25 for 25% off to buy your first Fre skin care set. Valid only for the next 48hrs @freskincare so definitely take advantage of that discount. I put i link to it in my bio 😉 now i challenge YOU to embrace your natural face! Love yourself and care for yourself. You deserve it 💛 # #loveyoursweat
Week 2 Legs & Cardio (IS HARD) ✔️ . . There was another boss babe working out in this space yesterday so I had to do LISS/HIIT instead. So. Legs today. Whoa. Never gets easier. Always worth it 🙌🏻🙌🏻. . . My biggest tip to new BBG girls is to always warm up and to STRETCH. BEFORE AND AFTER. DO IT!! (👈🏻she says in her scariest mom voice!) Seriously though. It helps a ton with muscle soreness. Happy Tuesday, y’all 😘😘 . . #bbg #bbgmoms #bbggirls #bbgover30 #bbgcommunity #sweat #sweatwithkayla #kaylaitsines #12weekchallenge #week2 #round3 #legday #fitmom #toddlermom #emptygym
Since I spent 4 hours working from home this morning before Tate left (4 am - 8 am) and now I’m on a webinar that’s about the new tax law 🤓, I thought I’d also use that time to ‘get ready’...somewhat! I still like to feel put together while working from home! Boys are watching Dory after a morning of doing craft projects together!! This is not ideal but a #workingmom has to do what a working mom has to do! This is multi-tasking at its finest!!!