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I've been plant based for 5 or so months now and let me tell you my body, mind and soul have been loving it. Now on the odd occasion I have had meat or dairy and my body hasn't been impressed to say the slightest. Today was one of those days. My dear friend bought over a quiche.. and a cheesecake. Now I ate a bit of each just because. Well let me tell you I'm thankful that my body doesn't feel great after consuming meat and dairy because it's the biggest reminder of why I cut them out of my diet. So this quote seems relevant I guess. Take the good out of the bad. And on a positive note I finished #bbg #legs #week15 I've got 2x more liss sessions and I might squeeze in a hiit before Sunday. Love to you all and love for all xo
Death by @krissycela this morning! Quads and calves included leg press and jump squat SUPERSETS! I’m dying over here!!! Whoop!!! #feeltheburn 😝
JELLO - LEGS is all I can focus on now. Day 2 in the gym but my first BBG resistance session in 3 months and it KILLED me but I did it....all 28 minutes + stretching. Of course I had to modify some of the tuck jumps and such, so I did some upper body exercises in their place. After the first 7 minute circuit, I couldn’t feel my legs!! But at no point did I feel like giving up, if anything, I felt motivated because I know it’s only a matter of time before I get super pregnant and many exercises may get uncomfortable to do. So I have to capitalize on the present and work my little 🍑 off. I was mindful that it was my first workout in ages and kept on eye on my heart rate trying to keep it under 145 bpm. I felt like a newbie, like I hadn’t worked out a day in my life! I’ll provide an update tomorrow but I anticipate I will be walking like I just got off a horse. Ps. 4 months pregnant today!! But looking like I’m 7 😂. . . . . #fitpregnancy #16weekspregnant #fitnessjourney #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #kaylamovement #bbg #bbggirls #bbgsisters #bbgbabes #bbgmums #bbgmumsover30 #bbgmoms #bbgcommunity #bbgmovement #progressnotperfection #strongnotskinny #fitfam #selflove #bodyconfidence #bbgprogress #cleaneating #sweatwithkayla #swk #girlswholift #balance #fitfam
Everything is entirely up to you! Start your year strong! 👊🏻 I think my biggest challenge of all this year is creating GOOD HABITS and really giving my all to get to where I want to be. It’s more like mind over body challenge if it makes sense. I am a creature of habits like no other... believe me, not joking 🙃 so I of all ppl know that by not just changing habits but creating new and better ones will get me the results I want to see ✨🖤✨ I don’t want to aim for perfection ... there simply is no such thing in my opinion. And I don’t want to make one big goal and then feel like I can’t achieve it ... I don’t want to end up abandoning my promise bettering myself this year. This will be MY YEAR... the beginning of all good things! 🖤 #motivationandhabits #quotestoliveby
The first vacation candid pictures of me in a bathing suite that I haven’t totally cringed over. I guess I’ll call that a win 💦🙃
So excited for the weekend again 💙 anyone have fun plans?
#throwbackthursday back to a year ago... When I had abs lol 🙊 . . Can we have a moment of silence to remember them 🤷‍♀️ They're slowing coming back, but definitely taking their sweet ass time that's for sure... 🙄 . . Drinking beer over the Christmas period (and last weekend) probably didn't help things lol.. 🍻🍻 . . I think I'm going tighten the reigns a tad these next few weeks and get a bit more serious about getting my old body back 🤔 . . And no, that doesn't mean not enjoying myself food wise, but maybe the whole block of chocolate could be spread out over a few days as opposed to eating it in a few hours. Or maybe dinner could be a proper meal with all the nutrients covered, instead of just throwing something together because I didn't organise myself that day 😐 . . I think 99% of the time, we only have to look at our eating habits (and be honest with ourselves) to realise why we're not getting the results we're after.. And I know my eating was far better a year ago, then it has been for the last 8mths or so💚💚 . . But stay tuned, I WILL get back to where I was a year ago. I've done it before and I will do it again 😘😘 . . .
How lucky are we to have legs that can take us places 🏃🏼‍♀️ legs that allow us to run, skip, jump, squat and move! 🙌🏼 —— Never take your legs for granted or expect that they will always be able to do exactly what we want them to do! Recently I was watching one of @em_carey stories and she spoke about the morning before her accident. She said she was going to go for a run but decided she couldn’t be bothered! Later that day she had a skydiving accident and was told she would never walk again! (If you don’t follow this amazing girl you need to btw 😍) now she lives by the saying “if you can, you must” —— I can’t imagine not being able to step out my front door, rain or shine and run as far as I felt like 😱 make the most of every opportunity, don’t miss a workout just because you can’t be bothered! —— Cherish the body we have been given, push it to its limits, make yourself proud of what it can achieve ❤️