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Daddy’s gone out-out and we’re both man down with this cold so we’re cheering on the England Netball team from under our blanket...little legs is loving cheering all the goals ❤️ Played Netball this morning (it was close but we won) and I’ve still got full body to do this week and am hoping to get it done tomorrow to complete my third full week. Little miss will be in bed shortly and then I’m going to make a delicious (but healthy) dinner, treat myself to a gin and slimline tonic...and then most likely some halo top ice-cream 🤗 hope everyone’s having a great weekend 😘 #bbg #bbguk #bbgmums #bbgmoms #bbgafter30 #bbgover30 #kaylasarmy #sweatwithkayla #kaylaitsines #kayla_itsines #bbgfamily #bbgfam #bbggirls #bbgsisters #bbgcommunity #strongnotskinny #fitmum #progressnotperfection #12wc #12weekchallenge
In the heat of summer this dock is loaded with boating families and loaded coolers. Today it’s just cold, serene and magical. No biggie.
🎉 Today’s InspirWeighTion from ✨✨ {Link in bio} via 🔄REPOST @marillewellyn ・・・ Did you know that weight loss is 75% diet 🥑 and 25% exercise 🏋🏼‍♀️ ?? The key to weight loss is to educate yourself about nutrition. I am super excited because today I am officially releasing my beginner's nutrition guide! This guide is perfect for anyone wanting to start their weight loss journey but doesn't know where to begin. This 15 page guide will provide you with all the knowledge you need to create a diet plan that is sustainable for your lifestyle and your goals. ✨check out my website, link in the bio for my guide!! ✨
🎉 Today’s InspirWeighTion from ✨✨ {Link in bio} via 🔄REPOST @nakedhealthjourney ・・・ As the old saying goes.. today is the first blank page in a 365 page book, so write a GOOD one! Because if you don’t, at the end of the book you will have wished you had! I can promise you if you do write a good one you won’t regret it! And in 365 Days the changes you can make are absolutely incredible, and will seem like just yesterday ❤️ To all my new followers happy new year! My name is Desiree, in 2012 at the age of 27 years old I weighed my heaviest at 275 pounds! I was miserable, sick, depressed, had no desire to play with my children and was unhappy with life it’s self. After Christmas in my hometown I realized I had been avoiding friends and family.. cutting myself from most social functions, malls, even sit down restaurants! I spent most of my time at home on the couch watching tv, making crafts, eating boxed food, take out and literally had no health awareness! I know the biggest turning point was realizing I was hiding from so many people, and being utterly ashamed and miserable! January 15th 2012 I took back my life and said no more! I stopped lying to myself and those around me. I wasn’t just naturally overweight. I was over eating and I really did eat that bad! You see for years these were excuses I used to defend myself and that was what I needed to change! I cut out all processed sugary fatty foods and swapped everything for healthier versions! Sugar for stevia, pasta for oats, Big Macs for smoothies, fries for sweet potatoes, candy for fruits, casseroles for salads... the list goes on! I got off my butt and started the elliptical 20-30 minutes a Day 6 Days a week, I worked up to small weights and taught myself everything I needed to know, I joined a very small gym with a few ladies and busted my ass, I got out and played with my kids and for the first time In a long time I was living instead of lying.. in 1 year I lost over 100 pounds and honestly the rest is history (so to speak) I became a personal trainer, motivational influencer and I wouldn’t change a thing and no I am not perfect I am far friggen from it!
Groms in the making??? 🏂🏄 . The Little Panda got his very own skateboard for his birthday last week, and today was his first time taking it outside.. . Sure didn't look like it though!! . He spent 10 mins finding his balance whilst I pulled him forward by the hand, 5 mins rolling around on his own, and off he was, giving his big brother a run for his money 😱 . My babies growing up too fast!! . #timeflies #pandapower #fitkids #dutchies #babyninjas #juniorathletes #groms #healthstartsathome #duracellbunnies #boymom #momlife #brainsbeforebrawnthough #healthandfitness #bbgmums #makeitwork #keepitfun
J U I C E D A Y! 🍊🍋🥒🥕 xo Laura
I love smoothie bowls for a refreshing post workout meal/snack🌻 Mine include 💁🏻‍♀️ spinach strawberries blueberries blackberries pineapples peaches mangos & a banana 🍌
October —-> Now. Wishing the lighting was better in the first one but 🤷🏻‍♀️ Walking was so nice today considering I could barely move from yesterday’s weight lifting 🙃
I've kinda burned out on the whole "eggs for breakfast" thing. Today I made a delicious teriyaki stir fry! Loaded up with veggies because as I reflected on my eating yesterday the only veggies I had was lettuce and tomato on my burger for lunch 😳 and I definitely don't count French fries as veggies... . . . I'm no meal prep goddess like but I have a few tricks to save me some time in the kitchen. I had leftover turkey from Christmas and I put them in 1 serving portions in bags and froze them, I also make up a big pot of brown rice at one time and portion off and freeze those too. So when I need a meal I just have to defrost my rice and turkey then add all the fresh veggies or whatever I want to customize. I definitely prefer fresh veggies, but I also buy frozen. @smithsmarket will have their @krogerco brand veggies in sale 10 for $10 often and I'll just grab a bunch (secret: you don't have to buy 10. They'll all still be a dollar.) Frozen veggies already chopped up save a lot of time too.
Hola!!! He recibido varias consultas de cuáles son los ejercicios y como es el entrenamiento de #bbg de la aplicación #sweat de #kaylaitsines . 💪🔝 Primero que nada decirles que la aplicacion vale la pena, que te motiva y da todas las herramientas de entrenamiento e incluso de alimentación. (Ademas esta en oferta 3 meses solo 1 dolar💶, pedirme el enlace si les interesa) Aun así, para aquellas que están en dudas y desean conocer un poco mas he decidido subir a modo de ejemplo DESLIZA ▶▶▶las 3 resistencias de la semana 1. ¿COMO FUNCIONA? Debemos poner la cuenta atrás del reloj ⌛ en 7 minutos y hacer todas las vueltas que alcancemos el circuito 1( en mi caso hago 1 y 1/2 vuelta, como mucho 2) Descansamos 30 segundo y ponemos nuevamente la cuenta atrás del reloj ⌛en 7 minutos y hacer las veces que alcancemos el circuito 2. Así habríamos completado 1 round✅. Como son 2 round debemos repetir el procedimiento 1 vez mas. De manera que el entrenamiento son 28 minutos más el descanso. Recordar que es muy importante la entrada en calor previa al ejercicio ( yo hago 2 minutos de saltar la soga) y el estiramiento para evitar lesiones. Con estas 3 resistencias ➕ 3 caminatas de 40 minutos hemos completado la semana de entrenamiento. ✅ #bbg #bbggirls #bbgmums #bbgcommunity #12weekch #12weekchallenge #kaylaarmy #healthylife #homeworkout #entrenarencasa #bajardepeso #strongnotskinn #fitmum #bbgover30
Hey 👋 . My name is Mindy. . I like to workout. 🏃‍♀️ . I like candy/food. 🍭 . I like my family. (I have 2 boys) . Please introduce yourself in the comments below! I want to get to know you better. ❤️ . Have a good weekend loves. 🤟 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitfoodie #fitmom #fitmomma #fitmama #mombod #momofboys #momswholift #momswhoworkout #healthymom #healthymama #healthybody #bbg #bbg1 #bbgmums #bbgfam #bbgmoms #bbgprogress #bbgcommunity #bbgsisters #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsinesbbg #sweatyselfie #momswithmuscle #addisonsdisease #adrenalfatigue #postpartum #postpartumfitness #bbggirls #postpartumbody
Wanting to start working again on being able to kick up - I’m such a chicken 🐔 so I’m beginning with the ottoman (i did this a while back and now I’m going to keep working - not going to stop here...gonna move to something lower next so I can eventually kick up from the ground and not be afraid)
New to insta. First pic ever!!! I want to be accountable to my fit goals. Trying to get fit and healthy for 2018, scared to show the real me, but it is what it is. I’ll try to show progress once a week. Worked out 2x this week 🤨😅 163Lbs 5’10 Quiero ser responsable de mis objetivos de fitness! Soy nuevo en instagram