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Throwback to March 2017. 📆Sometimes it’s cool to be your own motivation. I remember thinking, “I’m just big boned,” or that “I’m just always going to be bigger.” Nope. I just needed a workout routine and meal plan that worked TOGETHER. I needed to get so sick and tired of being sick and tired that I wasn’t going to let the donuts in the break room get me. I had to get so focused and determined that I was willing to sacrifice an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning to spend working towards goals. It didn’t happen overnight and it took a lot of ups & downs but I tell you what, going through old photos in your phone and being wow’d by YOURSELF is pretty incredible. Be your own motivation. . . . . #Nobodyshame #beabadass #godstiming #womenwithmuscle #inspirationdaily #workforwhatyouwant #motivationfitness #weightlossprogram #fitgirlprobs #chasinggoals #amworkout #redheadproblems #michiganawesome #volleyballgirls #dedicationhasnolimits #tiusisters #bbgsupport #girlswithgoals #girlswithcurves #girlswithstyle #bodyacceptance #godlywoman #giveittogod #godstiming #walkbyfaith #tiugirl #bbggirls #bodsquad #tonedbody #bbguk
Throwing it back to 6 weeks ago when I started the pure loser course. Well today is the final day which also means the final weigh in 🙈I’m pretty nervous as I don’t really look like I have made much progress but I feel a lot more confident and more positive and that’s what counts! 💕 I wouldn’t say I have lost a lot of weight but I have gained a lot from doing this course mentally which I will be forever using 👌🏻 If anyone is starting a fitness journey I do recommend trying this course as it does make you accountable from what you eat and when you exercise and as it’s 6 weeks long is a good little boost to start those habits right! ✨ Anyway, your girl be busy and needs to get some uni work done....if only the WiFi would work 🙈😂
Finished #bbgweek6armsandabs and practised #forearmstand afterwards, still need the wall.. Today's #bbg workout was mainly focused on abs and I enjoyed it, didn't find it as tough as week 6 legs which killed me, still sore from monday workout😥 Happy #humpday! 😘
4 years ago I said, “yes” to the man of my dreams. I am thankful that you became my gym buddy the year before. I am thankful for the years of friendship we had before that. You’re the best husband I could ever ask for & I am so glad God chose you to be my husband. I love you.❤️ • • • • #selfloveclub #fitwifey #positivelifestyle #girlswithcurves #girlswithgoals #bbgsupport #stopbodyshaming #loveyourselfenough #perfectlyimperfect #sweathappy #tiuwife #tiuphilly #bbgphilly #mindovermatter #dogmomsofIG #dogmomlife #tiubootycall #strongerinsideout #workoutathome #kaylasarmy #weightwatchers #weightwatchersssupport #weightloss #foodisfuel #cleaneating #amworkout #sunriseworkout #miraclemorning #teamfuelhappiness #teamfighttofinish
thank you @kitehillfoods and @raisingtwinboys for a fun, delicious holiday dinner this evening! I’d never thought that you could pair your delicious almond milk yogurts and cheeses into all these foods. my favorites was the cheese cracker with tart cherry balsamic port reduction with shallots with kite hill plain artisan almond milk cream cheese, the cauliflower chowder made with kite hill artisan almond milk cream cheese spread, and the wild mushroom risotto with kite hill artisan almond milk soft fresh truffle dill and chive!! 😍😍 thinking about it right now is making my mouth water! last but not least, it was always wonderful seeing everyone @intentionally_kat @fitavocado @mellenfit_sf and also fun meeting you @edgarraw @amanda.tyler.j @watchwendyyoga @leighmwinters ❤️
Babes! Make your balls festive this Christmas and roll them in your fav toppings 💚 Tag someone who needs these balls on their Xmas wish list 😍 PC @lifeofgoodness_
#transformationtuesday 💪🏼 In no way was this my heaviest weight, I was approximately the same weight as I am now actually, just purely fat with no muscle underneath. This was a self conscious girl, this was a girl that constantly stared at girls on TV and in magazines comparing herself to the "perfect" women, this was a girl that shamed herself when she ate. I wish so badly I could smack some sense into that version of me, I wish I could tell her to enjoy being young, to enjoy just being a kid because life happens so fast and the last thing I needed to do right then was hate myself. I wish I could prepare that girl for the years to come, to help find love within herself then instead of 7 years from then. Buuut if that were the case, I wouldn't be who I am today with the knowledge I have, I wouldn't have this intense desire to help other people who are going through similar problems, or people just in general. This journey has given me the passion to spread love and knowledge to those who need it most! I found this awesome program in which I am volunteering to help 8-12 year old girls prepare them for the hard years to come, to show them how to love themselves, to empower them and show them how strong they really are! And I honestly couldn't be more excited, this is exactly what I've been looking to do ! Take your struggles and make them your assets! 💛💪🏼 #vancouverfitness #bodybuilding
Two days into my December accountability group & I am seeing so many shining stars! These 10 women help motivate encourage & support me in my health and fitness journey. 👯‍♀️ & the best part of all? I get to do all those things for them as well- & the reward is priceless. ✨ No matter what journey, walk of life, path, or mountain we are on- we get to do it together. & that is why I promote W E L L N E S S on social media, in person & behind closed doors, because finding a life you love to live and sharing it with others- is the one of the best ways to help others S H I N E too 💓 . . . . #healthylifestyles #paleoish #tiusocal #tiusisters #tiula #bbgla #layoga #lafitlife #bbglosangeles #bbgsocal #bbgsupport #lalifestyle #laworkout #fitfamla #thesweatlifeLA #findyourstrong #iamwellandgood #wellnesswarrior #movenourishbelieve #mindsetshift #workoutanywhere #nogymneeded #girlgetoutside #mindbodygram #livewithpurpose #healthyishappy #positivemindset #inspireothers
To all my over thinkers- it’s going to work out. The thoughts in your head aren’t always the truth. So someone forgot to text you back? They don’t hate you, you didn’t offend them. When someone I love has a bad day, I feel like it’s my fault even though there’s a really, REALLY good chance it isn’t. I spin a simpler conversation or word or facial expression and turn it into my worst nightmare somedays. I guess I’m just writing this for the girl out there who woke up today questioning what the future holds and if she’s doing “good enough.” Just let those thoughts go because you’re missing out on how wonderful everything is right now. . . . #Nobodyshame #beabadass #godstiming #womenwithmuscle #inspirationdaily #workforwhatyouwant #motivationfitness #weightlossprogram #fitgirlprobs #chasinggoals #amworkout #redheadproblems #michiganawesome #volleyballgirls #dedicationhasnolimits #tiusisters #bbgsupport #girlswithgoals #girlswithcurves #girlswithstyle #bodyacceptance #godlywoman #giveittogod #godstiming #walkbyfaith #tiugirl #bbggirls #bodsquad #tonedbody #bbguk
| TRANSFORMATION TUESDAY | from june to today✨ i can’t take back selfies clearly.. but i can flex😎may have also acquired some baby lats🙃
Eat when you’re hungry 🥗Rest when you’re tired 💤 Relax when you’re 😩 Step back when you’re overwhelmed. Listen to your body. 👂 This is where you can find me for the next 24 hrs. Going to recoup & get organized for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be opening enrollment to join the 1ST EVER coach test group. Message me if you want 1ST dibs on getting in the best shape of your life in the New Year & having an opportunity to have your results featured on TV! First come first serve.
No chance to go outside for my LISS today so I did a 20 min HIIT workout + 10 min abs workout at home. Have a lovely day!😘
We CANNOT save others! Whenever someone was struggling I would try to tell them what to do, how to change it. I know now, that all we can do is inspire them! Be their light 🔥. "The best way to inspire someone is by being the living, breathing example." I'm leading with my heart ❤️ by showing up here daily. Letting you know that you CAN do anything! And you may not be ready now, but when you are -- I'll be here for you 💯 %. This is my way of connecting with you! It's my way of checking in with you, and letting you know that I care for you. When you reach a state of readiness within yourself; that's when change can happen. "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." The universe will send you what you need. I'm here for you to reach out to 🙋🏼.