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The biggest change between these photos (other than picture resolution 😂) is honestly not my weight or my body fat percentage- it’s the mental and emotional shift from being insecure and self-conscious to healthy and happy. Two years ago when the first photo was taken, I never would have dreamed of letting someone take a picture of me in a bathing suit. I was so critical of myself and my body, instead of focusing on how much my body is capable of doing and being grateful for that. Kayla’s #bbg guides opened up a whole new world for me, where now I feel confident to try new things and push myself, not just physically but in all aspects of my life! Now instead of wishing I was different, I am focusing on the and being thankful for the journey. #bbgtransformation #bbgprogress #bbgcommunity #bbgstronger #girlswholift #transformation #hashtagsfordays
ABOUT ME 👩🏻 * I am a table games dealer in Vegas (not as cool as it sounds 😏) * Started working out about 5 years ago (on and off ) after a bad break up 💪🏼 * I have traveled to 15 countries in the last 3 years 🌏 * I have an amazing boyfriend and a lot of friends who I met through him * I eat out and drink A LOT 🍷 * I just finished @kayla_itsines #bbg guide for the first time after 4 years of buying it 🙌🏼🙌🏼 This morning I was very hungover but still got up and RAN (literally)🏃🏻‍♀️to the gym to finish Week 12 Abs and felt amazing after. I never thought I could actually do it, never got passed Week 4 in four years. I’m so thankful that I found it because it has helped me push myself more than I thought I could. I finally found balance between looking good and having a social life. My body is not perfect and will never be but I’m finally happy with the way I look and feel. Life is good! 😄 . . . #bbg #bbgprogress  #bbgfamily #bbgusa #bbglife #bbgtransformation #bbgcommunity #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #kaylaitsinesbbg #kaylaitsinesbikinibodyguide #kaylabbg #absweek12
Christmas mood also in my smoothies 😊🎄🎀🎁 My mom came to visit me for a few days and she was like: "will I be finally able to taste one of those pretty bowls you always brag with on the internet??" 😂👌 so here you gooo mommy 💝 . . . . . . #smoothie #smoothiebowl #bbg #bbg1 #bbgsisters #bbgsupport #bbggirls #bbggirl #bbgbabes #bbglegs #bbgweek8 #bbgjourney #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #bbgkayla #bbgtransformation #bbggirl #bbgfood #bbgrunner #bbgfam #bbgfamily #kaylabbg #kayla_itsines #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #deathbykayla #fitgirl #girlpower #healthybreakfast #fitnessaccount
I feel like people don't want to hear this- but if you want to transform your body and change unhealthy habits, it takes more than just a 12 week commitment. Granted, trying to commit from the start to more than just a week at a time can feel daunting - so taking it a day at a time is ok- but you need to be PATIENT and settle in for the long haul ➡️You can't change everything at once- so making little changes (like just starting with walking more and eating out a little less often) can be a good place to start ➡️Celebrate little victories along the way and don't give up. The longer you stick with it, the more knowledge you'll gain about how best to train, how to find a sustainable way to eat, how to minimize evening binges, etc and over time you'll see more and more progress ➡️Progress doesn't always show on the scale- take pictures at least once a month, take measurements, take note of how your clothes are fitting- and celebrate strength and performance improvements ➡️If you aren't seeing progress in any of those areas, that's NOT a reason to bail back into old habits! Use that to as a knowledge base to make necessary adjustments- if you are working on fat loss, and there's been slow to no progress in 2-4 weeks, then you might be eating too much (especially if you are over eating on the weekends) or you might not be moving enough in the day ➡️ If you are underweight and have very little muscle mass, and/or have been dieting a really long time- give your body a diet break or stop dieting altogether (at least for a time if you still have excess fat to lose) and start putting your focus on eating more and increasing your resistance training ➡️You don't have to make large sweeping changes- just small adjustments and often that's all that's needed to get the ball rolling.
Yoooo fitstaaa friends!! So I know I’ve been gone for like FOREVER, but it’s winter break and I need some motivation so I thought I’d come back!! Been feeling super unmotivated lately and haven’t been given it my all at the gym, but im ready to get back on track! Had my first good workout in weeks in today! Ran 6.4 miles and got a really good ab workout in! Def wasn’t the easiest 6 miles I’ve ever ran but I did it! Anyway, super excited to be able to focus back on my health now that finals are over! Hope you guys got your sweat on too!! Okay gonna get back to lying like a corpse on my bed bc I’m already so sore! BYEEE💕💕💕 . . . . . . . . . .. #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgtransformation #bbgprogress #bbgsupport #bbggirls #bbgweek1 #bbgmotivation #sweatwithkayla #sweat #weightlossmotivation #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #weightlossbeforeandafter #weightlossstory #fitspiration #fitspo #fitnessmotivation #healthy #fitness #fitgirl #fitnessjourney #instafit #instagood
It’s never too late and we are never too old to become better and healthier versions of our selves. It’s always a good timing to improve your self, get rid of those annoying everyday habits which you know are making your life a bit complicated and you know you can do much better and the most important thing feel better in your own skin... To all this happen-unfortunately it won’t be enough with healthy meal on and off, inconsistent workout and bad head space..consistency is what comes in your life as your best friend... 🔹Find what you like to do as an exercise-no matter what it is- running,walking, kiting, swimming, playing soccer, riding a bike,gym,classess-you name it-and do it consistently what you are really enjoying 🔸Choose your favourite healthy foods what you are enjoying, not me, not your friend-but You and create some simple dishes which you can maintain on a daily basis, especially in the start-cause you don’t wanna get overwhelmed 🔹Have a balance in your life, by meaning that have a 🍕🍫🍬 🍔 once in a while but not everyday, sleep in, have a rest day if you feel you need to 🔹Find the time for yourself, be with your thoughts and make some achievable goals!!! You will see all these littlest things will make you start moving and you will get where you want to one else but except you can do this for yourself #anjamelbourne_tip ❤️
This is the most beautiful book I have ever set eyes on. I’ve wanted to read these books for such a long time and now I’ve got them all in one book. Thank you so much - I’m a lucky lady to have such fabulous friends. (Oh, and I won the competition 💅🏻) @cariad_llyfr
⬇️ RECIPE BELOW ⬇️ - easy coconut curry noodles - so I made this when I was feeling really lazy, I just fried off some random vegetables from the fridge and freezer, then cooked a packet of vegan instant curry noodles, mixed them in with the veg, and added a little coconut milk. let it cook together for a few minutes and make it as spicy as you fancy! sooo simple, cheap and delicious!! 🍜