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Seconds... Hours... Months... Years... All of them are flying as yesterday I was a baby student not knowing what to do, having funs and living with the moments but today I have already been a senior "baby"☺. Changes, improvements, innovations, new friends, ups and downs, darks and lights in three years (especially in this summer) were the result of decisions I decided and the actions I took. Turning to this summer, dedication to self development was quite successful with various people, different atmospheres and a couple of amusements. It is also crucial enough to mention that I found four people whom I will never forget for some goodness and badness. But, what I personally got is to be PROACTIVE and "Qoliplangan zamonda qoliplarga sig'masdan yashashni" as my brother (I can say my third teacher) tought. Okey!!! Everything is behind! Now, it is new turn. New academic year, new studies, new friends, new achievements and most importantly new experiences! I DO BELIEVE that life itself is like an ocean. It is not all about studying at school, graduating university and getting married, but broader insights, full of joys, especially true and literal meanings lie in the far bottom of the ocean. In order to see and feel them, you have just got to dive into deeper and deeper...! #be_new #new_turn #be_proactive
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