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Final summer tip! (At least for now) learn to pray, reflect, relax Repeat... 1. Pray: It is very important to feed your soul, having a healthly spiritual life will greatly help you to deal with stress or negativity (which can damage your hair and skin) 2. Reflect: Reflecting on your actions can help you to improve yourself. Less mistakes, less stress 3. Relax: Escape from the hussles of life and make some time for RECREATION (like recreation is not amusement its like re creating yourself through a different environment) #shevielle #summer2018🕶 #Get_ready #Be_Ready #stay_Ready #with_Shevielle #monkeyisland🐒 #part2 #lazy_hazy_crazy #recreation
People are throwing stones at uh Don't throw them back.collect them all Nd build an Empire.... #Be_ready....🙏🙏
Coyotes Lounge. Good morning people and hope you well. Remember to join us today from 10am till late for best Meals in town. On Special Today. It's a Lovely Tuesday and All Wings Meals are on discounted price. We are serving best dishes in town everytime. #Coyotes_Lounge #Something_New #Now_Open #Be_Ready
#BOSS_COMING_INSHA_ALLAH_TOMORROW #BE_READY Mehdipatnam Division Paidal Daura Inshallah On Tuesday (17 July 2018 ) Sharp at 01:30PM AIMIM President & Hyderabad Member of Parliament Naqeeb-e-Millat Alhaj Barrister #Asaduddin_Owaisi Sahab Paidal Daura along with Nampally MLA Janab Jafar Husain Meraj sab & Mehdipatnam Corporater Janab Majid Husain sab and Inauguration of Various Development Works Worth #Rs_22_Crore at Mehdipatnam Division Nampally Constituency Hyderabad Starting Point will be Zeba Bagh B Class All the AIMIM Nampally Constituency Area Presidents Vice Presidents General secretary, AIMIM Active Worker's and Well Wishers are Requested to Join and Make Successful Sarfaraaz Siddique Engr AIMIM-Leader Hyderabad
When you awaken, do the work, clear the path, become GROUNDED, HUMBLE, know who the fuck you are, step into your POWER, master yourself and your energy through life’s challenges and ask for your equivalent in a king/queen, a champion, a GIANT who doesn’t want or need you to shrink yourself to fit (or anything else your SOUL desires), you better damn well expect he/she/it will show the fuck up! So... you betta be ready! You must be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared to navigate those waters - FIRST - dressing the part is just a costume, smoke and mirrors. You’ve gotta BE it in your heart. #manifestation_in_these_steps #no_shortcuts #this_is_how_we_do_it #be_ready