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Please swipe right to see my girl’s transformation! 🎉 This girl right here has been my workout partner for almost 2 years now! Yes 2 years ago my best friend Erica reached out to me and told me She was ready to commit to working out every day with me! We planned our workouts and nutrition and we did just that!!! We literally checked in with each other every single day and held each other accountable. The ironic part is that even though she asked me for help, she’s actually the person that helped me reach a new level of fitness I never thought I could reach! Congrats to you Erica on all your hard work! Thank you for always motivating me to be better and thank you for reaching out to me 2 years ago cause without that our friendship wouldn’t be as strong as it is today! 👭... and we prob wouldn’t be as fit as we are today 😉 #transformationthursday #beachbody #cdf #weightlosstransformation #beforeandafter #workoutpartners #bestfriends #fitfriends #motivation
Daily Ultimate Training (DUT®) is UFC GYM's signature high-intensity interval training boot camp designed to consistently shock your system and deliver results. The focus is on safe technique and physiological function improving your overall strength and athletic ability. Each DUT class is a unique combination of modalities guaranteeing you will be challenged to the end.* Be prepared to sweat through speed, agility, quickness, core strength, body weight and circuit drills incorporating equipment such as battle ropes, jump ropes, TRX suspension trainer, plyo boxes, kettle bells, medicine balls, and free weights. #traindifferent #ufcgym #ufcgymbc #ufcgymcoquitlam #kickboxing #boxing #Bjj #mma #jiujitsu #fitness #goals #snfc #beachbody #strengthandconditioning #richmond #muaythai #athlete #athleticperformance #trx #womenskickboxing #richmondbc #vancityfit #vancouver #coaches #richmondkickboxing #ufc #richmondmma #womenskickboxing
Kickboxing kinda night.
My heart and Soul belongs to the Sea 💕 🌊
Quinn and I watched Cinderella this afternoon and then snoozed on the couch until 430. Needless to say I missed my workout and when bedtime came around she was not one bit tired. So here we are at 9:30 at night pressing play! If I would've had to travel to a gym I would have never gotten in my workout. But we were able to sweat and giggle at the same time. And I had just enough time to kiss her good night, shower and head into Night shift at the hospital. Guys, having access to over 400 workouts at home is a game changer, especially during the holiday season when my motivation can be low. As a busy mom of three and night shift ICU nurse this is exactly what I NEED! No gym hours, no childcare, my time, [[flexibility]] We are days away from 2018, are you ready to get a start on things? ⭐️