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Are your workouts punishment? 2 years ago I was stuck in this "Exercise to burn off what I ate," cycle. Eating perfectly clean {Or so I thought} during the week but once the weekend hit, forget it. Insert all the sugar laden junk food I could find. 🌠 By the time the new week rolled around I'd feel desperate to undo the damage and "Burn off" what I ate, not to mention I felt awful inside + out. 🌠 I'll share a secret. This method never worked, all it left me was with an exhausted body + mind. 🌠 I developed this extremely unhealthy relationship with nutrition and training because I was in this constant state of restricting my calories, over-eating, than over-exercising to make up for it, REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT. Stressed beyond believe. Are you currently feeling this way?👇 Here is something I didn't recognize or see at the time. Over-exercising to compensate for my choices was a huge reason I was overeating, I mean, my insane diet choices didn't help either. 🌠 The fact I was killing myself in the gym was ramping up my appetite IN ADDITION to restricting all these so called "Bad foods." Talk about a recipe for disaster. 🌠 Exercise should never and I mean NEVER be punishment. Rather your fitness should add value to your day and leave you energized and happy! ___ If your stuck in this cycle and need to break free: ___ 1. Assess your diet. If your diet is so strict you feel the need to have a "Cheat meal," something isn't right. I had to create a diet that I loved, enjoyed, looked forward to! Once I found that, the need to overindulge in all the food I "Couldn't have" disappeared. ZERO foods are off limits and I have been able to maintain my weight with more ease then ever. 🌠 2. Get out of extremes. You can have yummy delicious foods and still be successful! Give yourself a break and remove the need to be perfect. Begin shifting your attention on food that makes you FEEL good and helps your performance in the gym The middle ground IS the sweet spot for results. 🌠 How do you approach exercise/the gym? A fun way to de-stress, improve your life, and work towards a goal or as a forced way to deal with inadequacy in your nutrition?
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Guess it's officially time to say sayonara to summer! 👋🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ My schedule these last few months have been insanely busy, and I have finally mastered some steps to keep productive - while still maintaining my sanity. Click the link in my bio to find out some more about this in my latest blog post. ♥️
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