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I used to be achy, stiff, some level of dull headache generally, on a daily basis. I'd be spitting out throat yuck frequently each morning. Farted a lot. Useless until about an hour after the first morning coffee. Gaining weight. Drag ass about an hour after eating lunch, sometimes have to pull off the freeway and snooze for 15 minutes or so as I was nodding off at the wheel. One day, I proclaimed that I would go keto. Easier said than done. I was always fighting not to eat any carbs. Not having a lot of luck staying in ketosis. This went on for months. About 2 months ago, I read the bulletproof diet book and started doing bulletproof coffee in the mornings. I workout at 5 am. I noticed a considerable difference in my workouts. I found myself dancing around to some extent between my sets and overall hating to leave the gym at 6. I started doing what he said with meals, such as eating grass fed steaks with grass fed butter or extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil on it. I found after a while that instead of fighting to not eat carbs, now I have to force myself to eat carbs once in a while. Eating this way, I rarely feel like shit and then it's because of needing an adjustment, then I'm fine. No throat yuck, no farts, no stiffness. I'm generally whirling around like a hurricane. He said after a while of doing what he says, eat a shit meal and compare. Yesterday, a some good friends moving 3000 miles away today had a good bye meal with us. I ate the steak and eggs drowned in butter, but also had the baked potato with sour cream, pancakes with a bit of syrup, and a small amount of clam chowder. Today I am low energy, throat yuck and farts. I am stiff. Thank God that if I bulletproof today and tomorrow, I'll be zipping around again on Monday! #antiaging , #backpain , #bodybuilding , #bodybuilder , #pain , #Chiropractic , #chiropractor , #fitness , #chiropracticcare , #diet , #fasting , #fat , #health , #healthyliving , #intermittentfasting , #inspiration , #losangeles , #weightloss , #neckpain , #labackpain#sportsinjury , #lachiropractor , #trump , #trump2016 , #ketogenic , #keto , #bulletproofdiet , #mastercleanse , #beards , #ketodiet