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I’ve been to the San Diego zoo once before, and the LA zoo numerous times and every time I have gone the bears have been sleeping in their caves. Yesterday it was on the chillier side and overcast when we approached the grizzly enclosure and once again we saw a hint of a large mass tucked into the cave snoozing. Then as we were about to walk away we couldn’t withhold our gasps as we saw this beautifully massive bear round a corner and come into view. I knew grizzlies were big but I was genuinely shocked when I saw it’s size in real life. I’m not a huge fan of keeping animals from the wild however the San Diego Zoo is funded through San Diego Zoo Global, which is a non profit organization that works to save endangered species and dedicate their funds to keeping their animals happy and healthy. Moments like this as well as seeing kids faces light up when they see these animals and gain an understanding of the habits that can keep them alive and wild is actually a pretty amazing thing to witness. 🐾🍃 ——————————— #sandiegozoo #grizzlybear #travel #adventure #photography #bears #animals #sandiego #wildlife