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No i was not assaulted Nor was i beaten up. This. Is a biploar flare. This is a day where no amount of herb or medication can control my tears. I simply FEEL too much. This is after 5 hours of crying on and off whether i can control it or not. Bipolar is an emotional disorder i do not have multiple personalities (mpd is under the schizophrenia umbrella) i just have extreme highs and lows. My mother my grandparents my boyfriend and my animals are my main supports. I am not a stigma i just Have harder days then most. Imagine trying to get up on a patch of Ice while balancing eggs in both hands. That is how you go through a day during a bipolar flare. Very carefully with alot of padding. On days like today if any of you struggle, I personally like to spend time with those close to me(even though my illness tells me to push people away) paint my art or draw, cuddle my animals, i like to drink tea or have a hot bath. Even walk to the park and yell at A Tree. People will not understand if we dont learn to talk when we are hurting. We didnt ask for a chemical imbalance nor do we want to be questioned all the time for having something that is out of our control. Support us. Dont exile us. Hug us. Dont shame us. i am Kiera Niessen and i am a mental health advocate. Lets open the doors and talk about it. #beautiful #roughday #me #beautifulsoul #bipolar #depression #anxiety #awareness #notastigma #fuckthestigma #soulful #meditation #loveit #strong #strengthinnumbers #standstrong #breath #breathinbreathout
It was so amazing meeting you Kaiulani last evening and It was so cute after birthday chocolate cake with candles !!! You are such a beautiful soul!! Lots of love and light!! 😍 #actor #actorslife #newfriend #beautifulsoul
It was so hard letting go but in order to let things grow, you have to set them free.. My beautiful baby girl, in only a year, has since blossomed into a very mature woman, wife and soon to be awesome mother. God blessed this world with a beautiful soul when He created Kessiah. ❤ #daughters #blessed #lovemydaughters #youngbride #beautifulsoul
Sometimes people are beautiful. Not just in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are. 😇
This incredible woman redefined the expectations of women in India with her independent way of living and her kindness. She also gave every little Indian girl the hope that she too could one day shine on a global stage when she was crowned the Most Beautiful Woman in the Universe. I'm all about energy and my connections with people come straight from the aura, so I can truly say that Sushmita Sen is one of the most charismatic and humble souls we could ever have the privilege to come across. She is the real original Miss Universe. #sushmitasen #missuniverse #queen #mindsetofgreatness
The first time I met this gal @shemzjackquie I was in a very messed up situation. I was broken,disappointed,afraid & not sure about my life. I struggled to accept u as my friend,I was not sure if I can be of any help,In the Silent Season I didn't want to be friends with anyone because I thought that life didn't not give me any chances to live. Every single day I asked God why He has brought u to my life no? I was reactant to reach out. But one day God told me "I have placed Shemz in your life for a reason & purpose,take your phone & check up on her",from that day we started talking,Our stories never ends . We have prayed,walked & Cried together.You made me realize a strength in me that I never new I had. You have been patient with me & a great support System.I cannot trade u for anything. I can write a whole book about our journey of saying Yes to God's will. Thank u for being there,thank u for being a true Sister & HAPPY BIRTHDAY Swrie as u Start this new year God is saying ",For I,’ says the Lord, ‘will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst.’ Zechariah 2:5. Love u 💛💛💛.BFF Forever😍😍 #Decemberbabies #Anglefromheaven #PurposeWoman #Beautifulsoul
Do you know that time, that Life lead you down a path of Unknown? 🌪 • It’s dark. It’s scary. It’s earth shattering & heart 💔 breaking all within the same beat. It’s gasping for air. It’s heart palpitations. It’s looking into a thick foggy haze. It’s suffocation. It’s overwhelming. It’s the path of unknown. • 🔮Thats how I feel. Thats my path. All of my actions, my words, my thoughts have lead me here. I know it’s for a reason. I know it hurts like hell. I know I will survive. I know I must surrender to the Universe.. • So if & when you ever walk the dreaded path of unknown, remember this one thing: 🙏Let Your Faith Be Stronger Than Your Fears. It will be hard. It will be painful. It will break you. But trust in the higher powers. Trust in you. Be strong & hold tight. I believe in Miracles, do you? ✨ . . . . . #miracles #faith #strength #fears #surrendertotheuniverse #beautygram #beautifulsoul #soulmates #soulspiration #souljourney #glam #glamgirl #prettyface #lostsoul #makeuptime #babesofig #makeupguru #beautygram #makeupinspo #hairinspo #makeupgoals #lipsticklovers #makeupobsessed #faceyourfears #pursuitofhappiness #gratefulheart #ashblonde #findyourtribe #sadnessquotes #empower #uplift