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Didn't get a lot of pictures today 🤷‍♂️ but managed to squeeze a quality pull sesh in today after an 8 hour shift 💯
I’ve heard this all the time during my workout... and I was like yes this is right, but never dig deep enough to understand what is this, there is a lot behind this .... and exactly this the one it keeps me going every single day I want a few things... and I’m unstoppable!!!! What about you out there ? What is keep you going??? #bestquotes #bestquotesever #fitness #fitnessmotivation #afterworkout #bossbabe #fitinspo #ladiesthatlift #fitnessresults #beachbabe #gymsharkwomen #tropicalvibes #beavisionary #beyourownmotivation #healthygirl #healtylife #loveyourself #lovemylife❤️
Seize the day, every day. Honestly I'm so damn excited for how the rest of this off season will play out. - Don't let someone who gave up on their dreams stop you from following yours. Moreover, don't let anyone make you think that your vision can't become a reality. We get shit done here. The only thing stopping you is yourself- so do what it takes and do what needs to be done.
👉Don't let your enthusiasm be the only thing you rely on. Motivation is such a fleeting emotion, and it's a bad idea to solely rely on it. If enthusiasm is the only thing keeping you afloat I can guarantee you'll be sinking pretty shortly after you've set voyage. You need an idea of where you’re going and the discipline and integrity to follow through with that plan. Before you embark on your health journey you're going to need to know what you want; and it doesn't need to be 100% in the beginning, the best thing you could do is get started, and I’m a big fan of jumping and learning how to fly on the way down. But if you don’t know why you’re jumping or where you’re jumping to... then why jump? Now, the more accurate the goal the more likely you are of realizing it - so take some time and figure out specifically what you’d be willing to suffer for🏆 ——————————— 🚨For Online Coaching 📬EMAIL: fraserwilson5
Quest to be a @gymshark day #1085 - On Sunday nights I have found it helpful to plan my week out, it helps me a lot to write it all down, then I’m ready to attack the week! Do you have any rituals like this? - Outfit by @gymshark 📷 @arrogantdesign
A man I look up to once told me at the start of my journey “it’s hard now, but after 5-6 weeks of a solid routine it’ll come so easy”. The problem has never been getting yourself to the gym but rather getting into a consistent routine that makes you WANT to go back! Consistency has always been the key and building a solid routine around that makes a world of difference 💪🏼 . . . Finally starting to settle down into things in my new home, now I can get into a routine that suits me and pick up where I left off👌🏼 hope everyone had a great weekend!
Today’s 🍑 pump was looking extra 🔥 in these #ombreseamless 🖤
To the man or woman who needs to see these words I am about to write: I’m sorry. I’m sorry you feel like you are fighting a battle you cannot win no matter how many kicks or punches you throw. I’m sorry your soul is feeling crushed under the weight of your broken heart. I am sorry the person you love is no longer the person you love. I’m sorry you have been experiencing the worst moments of your life. I am just so truly sorry. I’m sorry you have to go through this too. And I’m sorry that all I have to give you is an apology on someone else’s behalf. But I promise I will not leave your side so long as you need me. I do not have any special advice for you. I do not have any words of wisdom for you. But here are some words that helped me and I hope they help you too: “Someone who is too weak to love you is not strong enough to keep you down so don’t let them." • • • • • #MAKGOTYOURBACK #sheisnotlost #instago #outdoors #healthylife #mytravelgram #aesthetics #exercise #lifestyle #gymlife #weightlifting #interstitialcystitis #photooftheday #fitnessjourney #workoutmotivation #beavisionary #chronicillness #spoonie #spoonielife #chronicpain #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #mentalhealthrecovery #visitnh
⚜️ Lat Spread ⚜️ . . - 🔥 Back day today was insane, Lats fire, still need to work on my core more. But it’s going well anyway, Rate ? 👏⚔️ . . - @xtra_loss By Malik. “Taking WeightLoss To the next level” . . —————————————————— “It’s the Grind 🔥”🐺 —————————————————— . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #swolecity #gymshark #swoleteam6 #workoutinspo #gyms #gymboy #gymfam #swolefamily #lats #gymtraining #gymprogress #gymaddict #gymfitness #workouttogether #workouttips #mensphysiques #teenbodybuilder #teenbodybuilding #ectomorph #latsworkout #gaincity #gainslife #fitfamnation #gainsovereverything #leanmuscle #rippedbody #beavisionary #vtaper #bulkseason #flex
3 more people. i still want to help 3 more people get into my Fit and Strong Together Bootcamp. maybe you’re scared because you’ve tried everything before and nothing has worked. maybe you’re scared of spending more money. THINK you don’t have the time (news flash— you do, everyone does). Whatever it is, it’s invalid. i WILL NOT let you fail. i will be there for you every step of the way. daily check ins, facetime calls, whatever you need. my intentions are not to sell you something. i am not a sales person. i genuinely want to help people. that’s what a fitness coach does. i could care less about a sale, it’s changing someone’s life and helping them long term that touches my heart and helps both of us be successful. so i’m ready to help YOU. if you are reading this, and you’ve been wanting to get started but have been hesitant or haven’t known what to do...this is ME reaching out to YOU. this is your SIGN. shoot me a DM if you’re ready to get started and we can tackle this thing together, i’m ready to help you💓
So my headphones died on me today mid lift, I left my blender bottle somewhere at the gym, and I could not make it more than 10 mins through cardio. Anyone else just been on the struggle bus today?? Yikes man, yikes - On the bright side, I have NO MIDTERMS THIS WEEK! Which I totally deserve after a week of freaking 5, so hopefully I can catch up on sleep, get in some good workouts and just kinda chill. - Back and bi’s today minus the dying headphones though felt great, save and try on your next back day!! - 1️⃣Cable rope upright rows 4x12 2️⃣Standing cable row 4x12 3️⃣Straight arm pulldown 4x12 4️⃣Cable rope face pulls 4x12 5️⃣Cable rope pull down (sitting on the ground) 4x12 6️⃣Single arm chest supported row 4x10 each arm 7️⃣Single arm bench back flys 4x10 each arm