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Some people find that sitting still for more than a few minutes is daunting. The harder we try to set aside a certain block of time to meditate—the harder it actually is to follow through. It’s common to get swept up in your day and lose the hour you had reserved as your quiet time. Let's be real, life can be busy. But meditation doesn’t have to be a big time commitment. In fact, Transcendental Meditation Canada, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the widely regarded authority on meditation, recommends a mere 20-minutes of practice each day. Start your meditation practice gradually—as your coffee is brewing in the morning, as you brush your teeth, or for the length of a song. Even a few short minutes in your day can help cleanse your mind and help you flex your focus muscles. In the crazy hustle and bustle of the day we should take time to recharge. Choose your essential oil inhale and do a 3 minute meditation! Frankincense is always a favorite. . . . . . #livewithpassion #chakrabalancing #fulfilling #positivethought #positiveattitude #positivityiskey #balancedlife #believers #fulllife #zendenevents #shinebrighter #spiritualjourney #spiritualpath #trusttheuniverse #theuniversehasyourback #soulpurpose #mindfulnessmatters #centered #stillness #meditatedaily #lifepurpose #positiveaffirmations #manifesting #godisincontrol #godisfaithful #godswill #attitudeofgratitude #faithingod #betterlifestyle #liveyourbestlifenow
She told me to take a pic together😂🦍.
Hi there! Our names are Keith and Jennifer Bennett, from Grindrod, British Columbia, and this is our Updated Thrive Experience. 2 1/2 years ago we were in a pretty dark space. We were dealing with low moods, low energy, and weight struggles. This caused us to struggle with everyday life. We had let our health slide and we were reaping the consequences. We were arguing all the time and we were generally just miserable people. Our marriage was falling apart and we didn't see any way to change that or alter the outcome. My sister had been taking a new supplement and she kept asking us to try it. Of course we said no, we have never been into the health stuff and didn't think we needed it. Finally after 3 months of getting a solid no, my sister gave me a free month to try. For my birthday May 14th, 2016 I began my Thrive Experience. I decided it was easier to take it and appease her and then tell her it didn't work and go back to my regular routine then it was to argue at this point. Three days in, I felt something for sure. 10 days in I was never going to go another day without this product. I loved the way I was feeling! You know the saying, "Misery loves company?" Well, it's true, turns out. All the while I was feeling better, Keith was getting grumpier. He wasn't Thriving at this point. As a matter of fact it got so bad we decided divorce was probably the best course of action before we hated each other. There wasn't really anything left to do, we felt. It was at this point Keith decided to begin his Thrive Experience. The old "if you can't beat her, join her" routine. That one decision has been the catalyst for what would become the best years of our lives, aside from our children, but you know what I mean. Since that day, every day has gotten a little bit better, a little bit easier, a little bit happier! Fast forward to today and we are happier than we have ever been. He has lost over 100 pounds and I have lost over 20. We are enjoying our marriage to the fullest! We do things together, where before we avoided each other. We laugh a lot, where we once only yelled! We are more active than we have ever been before, and we are doing it all together! We ar
*🔥4 cara mengubah hidup dari Dr.Azizan Osman* *1) Buat keputusan* dan *komited* sungguh-sungguh mahu ubah diri dan hidup. *2) Kenalpasti potensi dan halangan2* yg boleh menghalang anda untuk berjaya. Kena faham dan tahu apa anda kena buat untuk berjaya. *3) Mesti belajar*, mesti cari *ilmu*. Tak de ilmu anda susah nak berjaya. *4) Anda follow model orang-orang yang berjaya*, apa dia buat, kita buat. Buat sampai dapat. ➖➖➖ “Kawan-kawan, buat apa pun, buatlah *sepenuh hati.* Anda buat, anda pasti dapat.” #agentsahcoway #betterlifestyle #coway
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It's Monday! And the perfect day to TAKE ACTION! I know there's many of you out there that are interested in all doTERRA has to offer... but there is something stopping you from getting started and getting these amazing oils into your homes and lives. But isn't your health and wellness important to you?? Isn't the health and wellbeing of your family number one priority in your life? I bet it is! And if that's the case TAKE ACTION! Don't wait! There will always be that something that comes up that makes you think 'later'. Essential oils are the way to a better lifestyle for you and your family. They are an investment in your life, not some silly luxury. Stop making excuses...find a way to a better life! I am here to help you...lets connect and find a way to get these amazing oils into your home...NOW...not 'one day' 😀