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• All I can think of is to get some sleep, sleep and oh some more sleep 😴 •
My big black bag. . Did you feel it? Yes, that slight fluttering inside your chest when this black beauty crossed your scrollpath? . This is exactly how I felt when I first saw this lovely black handbag at an exhibition last year. And then that sudden urgent urge to somehow own this fine precious thing of art. . I walked up to the stall and gladly bought it. And then held the bag with utmost care and let exaltation glide over me. . P.S. Welcome my love for bags into your life! . ❤❤❤ . #bags #fetishes #bagslover #preciousone #blacknwhite #hautepotli #intricate #designs #loveforbags #bigblackbag #instagramer #newbie #absolutelove