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Heavy day today as I sit here alone and remember the past. I’ve been staring at one version of another of this sign for a few hours now as I sit and wait to get generic testing done against various strains of cancer. I post this because my brain is working overtime as I walk down memory lane remembering the deaths of my mother and father in my early 20s. There are so many of us that have been affected by this horrible disease it’s crazy. my sister inspired me to learn more now and to be proactive. To be honest I feel like I’m at a roulette table in Vegas betting it all on black 29 just hoping to win!. I guess only time will tell if I do but either way it feels good to wanna know. Btw, I didn’t write this for sympathy. I wrote this because every post on Instagram can’t always be perfect as that’s not real life! I also wrote this to promote awareness and pro activity. #cancerawareness #thestruggleisreal #blessed🙏