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If you’d look into my eyes for long enough, you’d either get lost and need saving or, you would have explored the world.
“What Mom?! Yes, I drink from cups now, big deal!” . Seriously time seems to go faster with each passing year, and baby. And each of my kids seems to want to grow up quicker than the one before them🙁 . I know it’s strange to say that this little man holding and drinking from a cup hurts my mom heart because hello, a little independence is awesome (frees me up from having to do something), but it does. And I may have way too many photos on my phone of Dom drinking from his cup🤷🏻‍♀️ That’s alright...just trying to savor all these moments before I blink again and all trace of a baby is gone. #mommoments
Spent most of the day getting stuff ready for my birthday party next weekend and hanging out with my cousin! 👬 Daddy cooked my favorite dinner, RIBS and BROCCOLI and then I got down on some cake!! Holy crap was that stuff yummy!! 🤤 Thank you for all my birthday wishes!! I can’t wait until Saturday when I get to celebrate mine and my favorite 😛 cousins birthday with so many people who love us!! 💙 Now, for a BATH!!! 💦 #birthdayboy #wildone #corbinwilliam #imone #birthdaycake #slowdowntime #boymom #blueeyedboy
he makes my mama heart just melt into a complete puddle. the belly, the bunz, the chunky thighs and that sweet face! i want to eat him up daily! why you so cute?! 💓 i have to say, this has been my favorite stage with him. except i think i say that every month, lol. the way he lays his head on my lap randomly to let me know he loves me, the way he smirks when he knows he’s doing something he shouldn’t be and most of all how every night before bed we cuddle and he gets this burst of goofy energy that leaves Collin and I in tears from laughing. our cups are so full with this sweet boy and it’s the most rewarding feeling in the world! he is exactly what we needed in this life. i am one lucky mama that’s for sure. 💙