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🏃🏼‍♀️ Cooling down with my little squish after hill runs while pushing the boys in our #bobrevolutionduallie 🏃🏼‍♀️
Still strolling along!
First run in over 2 weeks and it was as hard as I expected it to be. But I listened to my body and made sure to keep it slow... that is until I saw my car and couldn’t help but RUN to it. Ha! Two things I learned today: 1) My belly no longer fits in my normal workout clothes. Ain’t nobody want to see my baby belly 😝 hence the sky pic. 2) Running when your iron levels are somewhat normal is 100Xs easier than when it’s super low. I can’t believe I ran a half marathon with such a low iron count.
Сегодня какой-то день хвастов от себя 😉 Покажу ещё одну нашу мастхэв вещь для двойных колясок - накидку 7AM Enfant Duo double stroller blanket. 👍 У нас было несколько двойных колясок бок-о-бок: Mountain buggy duet, Bob Revolution и двойная коляска-трость. Накидка 7AM Enfant Duo подходит к ЛЮБОЙ коляске, у которой сиденья находятся рядом. Накидка это очень теплая штука! Она вполне заменит два зимних конверта. 😎 Я думаю, деткам вполне достаточно тёплых комбинезонов и этой замечательной накидки. А если использовать накидку поверх конвертов в сильные морозы, то это будет просто броня! 😎👍 💡Накидка надежно крепится за раму коляски ремешками на липучках по бокам коляски, а также между сиденьями. 💡Каждая сторона накидки 7АМ абсолютно независимая. Посередине идёт молния, это позволяет достать или посадить ребенка, не потревожив второго (если он спит например) 💡Низ накидка утягивается, принимая форму коляски. Утялжка есть и посередине накидки вверху. Есть зона защиты от грязных ног внизу!!! 👌 💡Ножки малышей полностью находятся в теплой накидке, как в ковшике. 💡Подкладка мягкий флис. 🤗 💡 Впереди есть по кармашку с каждой стороны накидки для мелочей, салфеток, игрушек 😊 ⚠️У нас есть в НАЛИЧИИ несколько расцветок накидок 7AM Enfant Duo double stroller blanket: черный, угольный, серый, розовый неон, зелёный неон, лилак. ⚠️Цена 5000-6000р. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #strollermania #7amenfant #7amenfantrussia #накидкананожки #двойнаяколяска #зимнийконверт #bobrevolutionduallie #bobrevolution
After putting this run off twice today, I finally got it done! Entering my third trimester with 3 treadmill miles.
Exactly 1 hour for 5 miles at a 12:00min pace! So many zeros! That’s a 1st! Ha! It’s race week!!
This morning was a late get up after Archie decided to be awake half the night so to make sure the dog got a walk and the boys got their nap we went out. I love this buggy its so smooth and easy to handle with the dog too but I always put myself off going from home as I live up the top of a few hills, which normally I take full advantage of but it’s not so easy with a double buggy, a dog and slippery leaves. This morning we walked down, ran round the mead twice and then walked back. The boys slept the whole time and rolo didn’t leave outside deffo need to stop with the excuses and go more often lol #running #walking #buggyrunning #bobrevolutionduallie #bobrunningstroller #twins #twinboys #sleepingtwins #twinningiswinning #kingcharles #kingcharlescavalier #kingcharlesspaniel #dogs #dogsofinstagram #twinsofinstagram #runnersofinstagram #runner #ourdoors #outside
My first double digit run since May!!! 11 miles at 6 months pregnant nonetheless! I could not have done it without these ladies! 💗 Only 7 more days until my big race!
Almost had myself talked out of this run today. I was super tired, sore from sleeping in a different bed, getting kicked in the face all night long by certain children... plus I wanted to take the boys to the zoo today. But after a morning of fights and tantrums I loaded everyone up and headed back to the trail. This time we parked at a new park and brought bread to feed the ducks. Best Decision Ever! I got 49 minutes of pure silence! As well as admired all the beautiful homes lined up along the lake. Then we spent several hours at one of the most fun parks with a beautiful view of the lake!
You guys!! This pregnant mama just pushed her 2 babies in the heaviest stroller for 7 miles!!! I'm in disbelief and so so glad it's over! Look, can you see the Dallas skyline behind us?! I even managed to get us out of the hotel in a new city to get my training done! If I can do it, so can you!
Three #doublestroller miles and some time at the park. The mitten is serving us some unseasonably warm weather. And I really don't mind!! 🍁🍂🌞
Longest double stroller run to date!! Might not seem like much but for this pregnant mama pushing an extra 100lbs in the heat and crazy humidity.. felt like torture. But I can always count on my friend to cheer me on and keep my mind occupied from looking down at my watch!