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Smashed today 🙅🏻‍♀️ even did a run! So proud of myself! Today I passed my final observation of the PGCE with an outstanding lesson and top grades! So so happy! I’m now a qualified primary teacher ahhh, can’t wait to teach my year 1s in September, my own class! Yay 😁 #health #healthy #healthjourney #fitness #fitgirl #fitnessjourney #fitlife #weightloss #weightlossjourney #girlgains #gym #bodyconfident #fitspo #l4l #fit #body #aesthetic #fitgirls_inspire #fitnes #fitstagram #fitnation #fitnesswomen #fitnessgirls #fitnessinspiration
What happens in Texas... 🤠🤦🏻‍♀️
This sweet soul looked at me this weekend when we were talking about business things and said to me, “but I wouldn’t consider you plus size at all” and I sat there fighting back tears because my ENTIRE life that’s all anyone ever saw me as. I was always referred to as bigger or chubby, I always had to shop in the plus size dept and I was always struggling with body dysmorphia that left me imagining myself to be three times the size that I really was. . And I sat there and it all hit me. I don’t shop in plus size anymore, I don’t see myself as 300 pounds anymore, no one makes me the “fat” joke anymore. It was like I needed someone else to say to me, look how far you’ve come for me to truly believe it. . And this sweet soul changed my entire life with those words. Which seems so silly but I’ve never had someone just look at me and say actually no I don’t consider you plus size. It was like because she said it, it allowed my brain to really believe it. And I have nothing against plus sized girls, I’ve been one 95% of my life, it just really showed me how far I’ve come, and that all my hard work has paid off. . I’m so blessed to have met Jaclyn this weekend. She has always been a girl on our team that I’ve looked up too and related tremendously too. I feel like she’s my long lost sister and she will always have a huge place in my heart! Find yourself some friends that lift you up and add to your joy in life. And then open up your heart to them and be grateful you were blessed with them💕 . . . . . #healthymindbodysoul #womenwhowin #lifteachotherup #yourbestlife #womenempoweringwomen #findinghappiness #findingmeagain #learningandgrowing #uniquelyme #betterme #beautycomesfromwithin #imthatgirl #radicalselflove #bopo #plusandproud #bodyconfident #beautybeyondsize #stylehasnosize #bodydiversity #singlepringle #midtwenties #weightlosssupport #fattofit #psootd #youngceo #furmama #dogmomaf #bluecollar #dirtyjobs #iam24
Follow my backups @iamtaijacat and/or @mycatluna please. 80% of my followers still havent followed. :/ Please be different and prove to me that you actually read what I write in here and care about my wishes. Thanks❤️
I am an extremist, a chaser of highs. All of the highs. 
It got me in a lot of trouble. 10 years ago I lived off adrenaline and alcohol. I partied 5 days a week and worked out 7. I was bulimic but didn’t think I was, since I only purged when I was drinking, but I was drinking all the time. The combination of reckless abandonment, disastrous relationships and unbridled emotions, started a spiral that took me a long time to even begin to care enough about my life to try to fix it. 8 years ago I smoked weed every day to keep me from feeling things. 6 years ago I discovered cocaine, anxiety and deep depression. 4 years ago I was caught in a toxic relationship and was so miserable with my own life my body started shutting down. I spent six months in a nearly never ending cycle of panic attacks, relief, depression, exhaustion and complete emptiness. That same year I found myself through climbing. I quit smoking. While it helped my body, my anxiety got worse - but climbing kept me afloat. 2 years ago I started to see real progress. And then I quit drinking. Since, I’ve chased my highs in different ways. I chase the sunset. I follow my dreams. I climb and hike and put myself in the way of beauty. I still fall into the valleys in my mind - but I also built ladders to get out of them. Sometimes I lose myself, but I’ve also built enough resilience and problem-solving tools to know I’ll always find my way back. To me. In and of themselves, I don’t think anything is wrong with substances (within reason). I don’t think marijuana is bad for you. I don’t disapprove of alcohol. I don’t think working out every day is unhealthy: but the roots behind those things, the “WHY” can be dangerous. I hated myself and used every possible means to get outside of myself. To escape from the me that I had become. Now, I don’t always like my choices - they aren’t always thought through and healthy - but I do like myself. So that’s a #vulnerable post if I ever saw one. If you can relate, I’d love to hear your story. Sharing really does change the world. 🌎 #awakening #realtalk #addiction #mentalhealth #vulnerability #strongwomen #fuckaverage
Repost from @bodypositivememes 💕 The sun is out. Stop giving a damn about what Sandra across the street will think or what your best friend from the age of 12 will say about you or even if the mum's outside the school gates will talk. It's your body, no one else's. Get outside if you want to. Enjoy life. Enjoy your body.
After an amazing 4 days of learning, growing, bonding and just getting pumped AF about what’s to come for me and my team, I am in major need of some good nutrition and ENERGY! . My lunch time work view today. Computer✔️ Tracker✔️ Salad in a cup that is giving me life✔️ . Now excuse me while I go execute on some major goals and clear my inbox!
Hi all! ❤️ I've started up this Instagram page in hopes that anyone who finds it, can learn that they're beautiful. Exactly as they are. No diet required. No changes at ALL required. You are beautiful and you are worthy.
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