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During my teens, when my eating disorder was the strongest I was in constant anxiety about my weight, what will I eat next, how much should I exercise to burn that off etc. I could never focus on anything else. Even in school, I would be writing lists of "good" versus "bad" foods during class. But the most difficult part was the way I experienced getting ready to leave the house and I've heard this from many women as well. We go through a great deal of insecurity around what to wear, how to combine, layer or put certain things on so we can hide those parts of us we cannot accept. We project our own lack of acceptance towards our bodies onto the world and think that just like we are constantly obsessing about that one part of the body. ******************************* We believe that others will also just see that and disapprove of us, judge or reject us. And I met many who told me that because of a few pimples, they canceled their appointments. These fears are real... But by releasing this self judgement, self hate and lack of love, by letting go of those beliefs and healing those wounds, we can begin to embrace our body just as it is. This is why Body Love Therapies focuses on body image and eating disorder issues as well as body dysmorphic disorder. After going through my own experience, I know that Body Love means loving your body without the need or condition to change it in any way💚
Isn't it funny how we try to stick to our goals and sometimes just back away for a while from what we wanted to succeed from?... Well that's been me with working out and and reach my goal on how I want to look. But in all I look good no matter how bad I geel insecure about how my body looks. I'm skinny as all hell. I know. I'm a tiny light / petite female. I've cried numerous of times and smiled most importantly just being wottied of how I look towards people. But that is how my body is. Its taken me forever to accept my body image. I've gained a little lost a little but its just life. I will accomplish my goal more and stop lagging on it 💪😘😍❤!! #body #bodyimage #acceptance #motivation #selflove #lovemybody #happypaigey #reachingmygoal
Last night I decided to make a commitment to myself. When I look at myself I will see my baby, not my belly. I will see my boys' first home, the place that grew them and nourished them, their first safety net, a body that is strong enough to endure 9 months of discomfort and change, and a woman who gives her all for her children. I will appreciate the body that I have and the person that I am. I will trust myself as a mother. I will honor myself and be proud of myself. And, I will be grateful for the incredible opportunity and blessing I've been given. #motherhood #pregnancy #pregnant #uniteinmotherhood #babylistbumps #babybump #bodyimage #selflove #b2ch
Did you know when we do our own healing work, it impacts those who came before us and those who come after us? Not just because we begin to interact differently, but on an energetic level too. This concept made me realize how one person can make an impact and the more people who do step into the path of healing and spiritual development, the more the world will heal. When we become aware of this, it becomes a divine responsibility. One in which I'm grateful to be on the path of. No more victim mentality, which was painful to admit that I was in. Once my awareness around it was there though, I couldn't deny it. It's just all a part of the journey. I know that everything is happening in perfect timing for me. I can choose to look at pain, triggers, discomfort as my teachers. This work is empowering and this is the work that will end your battle with food and your body. It's not about the food and It's never been about the food. It goes so much deeper. 🙏 #eatfromlove
This is my butt. Sometimes I like it... most times I don't. Since having a baby, it's not as perky as it used to be... ah well. These are 'Cotton on Body' size L
“Thick thighs and thin patience” Often times in a fitness journey, time is forgotten. The wanting and wishing for immediate change clouds our visibility from seeing the true progress. It takes years. Hundreds of thousands of repetitions. If you’re not “seeing progress” don’t stop. Move forward. Press harder. Work more and more. Challenge yourself. The results will come. If you’re interested in my leg and booth blast workout, TAG a friend below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 • • PUSHPRESSPRINCESS.WEEBLY.COM • • • • #blogger #healthylifestyle #fitnesstransformation #fitnessaddict #denver #fitfam #fitspo #fitgirl #fitness #fitnessjourney #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #strengthtraining #weightlossjourney #gainingweightiscool #flex #flexfriday #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #thick #bodyposi #bodyimage #bodypositive #npcbikini #ifbbbikini
SELF-CONFIDENCE One thing that people lack these days is self confidence; they lack the ability to genuinely be themselves and express themselves without being tainted by society and friends. But everyone who makes something of themselves in this world is original. The earlier in life you can learn to be yourself the less you will regret later in life, you see once you don’t have to act, you don’t have to waste energy or have anxiety. So my best tips are Walk tall Stand tall Speak like you know what you’re saying Look the person in the eyes Have you struggled with self confidence issues? I sure have! I’m just getting over it now but I regret how much I missed out on because I was so scared of what people would think of me.
happy birthday to one of the most positive lights in my life, you always somehow see the good in everything and you are a truly magical being 🦄✨(Dec. 2016)
Share the LOVE for YOUrself with the WORLD, YOU never know what little GIRL, BOY or even another ADULT YOU could inspire... LOVE conquers all❤️👄 now I am really going to night night 😴💤 #mebylenka #love #loveyourself #selflove #pride #beauty #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #life #woman #womanstyle #women #graphic #empowerment #respect #hero #soldiers #disability #model #fashion #fashionblogger #warrior #rolemodel #statement #givingback #foundation #bodyimage #bodypositive #mentalhealth #bodypositivity
I love this so much! Anti Victoria'sSecret fashion show 😇 #imnoangel & so ridiculously proud of it. For years it has been companies like Victoria's Secret that have made me feel insecure. Deep down I have always known that I am a gorgeous, voluptuous, vivacious woman. But what these companies stood for made me think twice up until I was 21. . I've also been intrigued with fashion my entire life but felt like I wasn't allowed to. . based on my size. It has only been the past 6 years that I have realized a lot about myself. It doesn't matter what you look like. The fact that you are on this earth makes you beautiful. . I am so ecstatic that we are finally living in a time where everything and everyone is beautiful. 😍😍😍😍😍 #curvy #loveit #yourebeautiful #youregorgeous #youreloved #yourewonderful #getitgirl #lovelovelove #bodyimage #new #amazing #standardsofbeauty #antivictoriassecretfashionshow #fashion #timesachanging
This photo is from a year and a half ago. I remember taking it, and criticizing myself for how fat I was. I actually made an edited version in Facetune (a photo editing app) just to see what I would look like with a narrower waist. I look at it now, several pounds heavier, and I wonder not what I was smoking, but how I could possibly listen to those stories about myself back then and actually believe them. All I saw was the fat between my thighs, the rolls under my bra strap, the slight sag in my belly from having lost weight when I was in my early 20s, and my huge calves which, even here, were too big to fit into normal boots. I was 79kg (172lbs). Now when I see it all I see is how fucking sexy I look. I am sharing this image of me in my underwear to demonstrate something I am willing to fight fiercely for now. Something I didn't know to fight for then. For me. For women. For humans. Our minds are capable of coming up with the craziest shit. We tell ourselves we are worthless. We tell ourselves we are too big, too much, unloveable, unsexy, unwanted, not good enough, not perfect enough. We shame ourselves into compliance. We try to hide. We use control to try to manage those stories we hear us tell ourselves. I have done it too. And every time I hear myself say something like that to myself now it breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. How can we be so cruel to ourselves? How can we be so viciously unkind? You want to end the suffering humans cause to one another? We have to start here. We have to start loving ourselves first.