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5 years ago today I posted this picture with the following caption..."Today...the only thing left on a woman that is not corrupted are her eyes...the world uses her body to seduce and sell and she uses her own lips to speak profanity casting her among the common." 5 years later not much has changed...the only difference is we as women are selling our selves and short too. I visited a woman's conference where the speaker said we as women make it too easy for men...women post pics on the internet half naked where men no longer have to put in the effort to for those intimate moments anymore to see what we look like underneath our clothes....we post these pics in the name of "self love" and "body positivity" or our favorite "confidence". Ladies confidence does not always mean"If you got it flaunt it" and what is this it? Aren't ALL bodies beautiful? But anyway I'll leave you with this things that are precious like diamonds and gold are always hidden go in search of it digging in mines and underground just to find it...isn't your body precious aswell? Know your worth queens! 👑 (P.S. this Caption is not meant to throw shade at anyone with different beliefs these are just my own) 👑💕. . #knowyourworth #queen #beautiful #bodypositivety #confidence #selflove #youtuber #youtube
▪ A quick reminder :) ▪▪▪ 🇧🇷 Um pequeno lembrete!
Embracing all seasons, but truly love autumn the most! #outfitdetails @fashionnovacurve There are strong and independent women, who are queens, mommies, baddies and slay slayers, who still wants to be held tight, and told they are doing amazing once in a while Nothing wrong in being vulnerable and weak from time to time, none of us are superheroes 24/7/365 right Happy humpday, mid october and wednesday loves #elsker #efterår #independent #reklame
▪ You don't need to love someone to respect them, however it initiates a PROCESS that makes it possible. ▪ Respecting the body certainly improves health, physical and emotional. ▪ Respecting the body means to understand its possibilities and also its limits. ▪▪▪ 🇧🇷 Respeitar não depende de amar, mas inicia um PROCESSO que possibilitará o amor. ▪ Respeitar o corpo com certeza traz mais saúde, física e emocional. ▪ Respeitar o corpo é entender suas possibilidades e também seus limites.
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There is a Japanese art form called Kintsugi, where you take a piece of broken pottery and put it back together with a special lacquer containing gold dust. ⁣⁣ 🌸⁣⁣ This repair method celebrates each piece's unique history by accentuating its fractures and breaks instead of hiding or disguising them. Kintsugi often makes the repaired piece even more beautiful than the original, revitalizing it with new life.⁣⁣ 🌸⁣⁣ Don't ever look at a piece of your body and think it should be hidden or disguised. Every part of you deserves a spotlight...even the parts that look different than what you used to look like. They might be making you even more beautiful than you were before.⁣⁣ 🌸⁣⁣ #Bodypositive #bodypositivefitness #bodypositivemovement #bodypositiveart #bodypositivepower #bodypositiveyoga #bodypositivememes #bodypositivewarrior #bodypositivebabe #bodypositiveblogger #bodypositivecommunity #bodypositivenamibia #bodypositivewomen #bodypositivenutrition #bodypositiveyogis #bodypositiveactivist #bodypositiveboutique #bodypositivejewelry #bodypositivehikers #bodypositiveaf #bodypositiveburlesque #bodypositivety #bodypositiveuk #bodypositivewoman #bodypositivemagic #BodyPositiveWorkout #bodypositiveathletes #bodypositivetuesday #bodypositivetraining #BodyPositiveSA
🇨🇦 DON'T BE AFRIAD Have you ever been afraid of food? Worried that some kind of food or amount will make you gain fat or be unhealthy? Afriad of what it might do to your body? I've been there too... . Some people might be like "how can you be afraid of food?" well you can. When I look back and ask myself why was I so afraid. I realized it was because I had no clue about nutrition. I was scared because I didn't know. And it's a natural instinct to fear the unknown . And you don't have to be dietician to know what to eat, look good and not afraid of food. You just need someone to explain the basics and what is best for you! That's what health coached are for! And after I found every out I stopped being confused, lost, finally have the results I want and most importantly I'm not afraid! . So stop being afraid because you don't have to be! 💙 . 🇵🇱 NIE BÓJ SIĘ! Czy kiedykolwiek balas się jedzenia? Martwiłaś się, że jakiś rodzaj albo ilość jedzenia spowoduje, że przytyjesz albo ucierpi na tym Twoje zdrowie? Boisz się jak wpłynie na Twoje ciało? . Niektórzy mogą myśleć "jak można się bać jedzenia". A można. Kiedy patrzę wstecz i zadaje sobie pytanie dlaczego tak się bałam. To zdałam sobie sprawę, że to dlatego, że nie miałam zielonego pojęcia o odżywianiu. Bałam się bo nic nie wiedziałam. I to naturalny instynkt, żeby się bać nieznanego . I nie musisz być dietetykem, żeby wiedzieć co jeść, żeby dobrze wyglądać i się nie bać jedzienia! Poprostu potrzebujesz, kogoś kto Ci wyjaśni podstawy i co będzie odpowiednie dla Ciebie! Po to są właśnie coache zdrowia! A jak już wiedziałam wszystko to przestałam być pogubiona, zakłopotana, widze upragnione efety i co najważniejsze już się nie boję! . Więc przestań się bać, bo nie musisz 💙 . . . #forest #octobervibes #fall #fromskinnytostrong #fitnessgirl #trenerpersonalny #treneronline #fitnesscoach #healthcoach #motywacja #motivation #fitlaska  #jesień #bodypositive #girlswholift #fitchick #fitgirlfam #silnelaski  #fitmotivation #fitmotywacja  #onlinecoaching #onlinecoach #fitinspo #fitinspiracja #gainingweightiscool #strongnotskinny #zchudejdosilnej #bodypositivety #girlswithcurves
▪ Today is World Mental Health Day. Let's remember that struggle with body image, weight and calories is very stressful, anxiogenic and depressing. Do other things, so it won't feel that important (and they are not). ▪ #WorldMentalHealthDay ▪▪▪ 🇧🇷 Hoje é o Dia Mundial da Saúde Mental. Vamos lembrar que debater-se com imagem corporal, peso e calorias é muito estressante, ansiogênico e depressivo. Faça outras coisas, e então essas não parecerão tão importantes (e não são). ▪ #DiaMundialDaSaudeMental