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In diesem Buch geht es um zwei Schwestern, die sich gegenseitig retten wollen.🖤 Zuerst erhalten wir die Briefe von der kleinen Schwester phoebe, die versucht die Krankheit zu verstehen und so wortgewaltig und poetisch schreibt. 🍂 Im zweiten Teil erhalten wir die Briefe von April, die ihr den Ausmaß der Krankheit erklärt und von ihrer einsamen Vergangenheit erzählt. Es geht auch um eine Familie, die nicht mehr miteinander redet und sozusagen April nicht mehr wahrnimmt. In diesem Buch geht es nicht nur um die Krankheit Magersucht sondern es geht um so viel mehr. Lest es wenn ihr Poesie mögt und mit so einem Thema umgehen könnt.🌼🌼 #bookstagram #book #lesenmachtglücklich #bookish #love #lesemaus #read #reading #krankheit #magersucht #lillylindner #schwestern #april #phoebe
EN - I am such a proud #slytherin and my boyfriend has always been a proud #gryffindor and as they say... love comes in all shapes and colors . . . ES - siempre he estado orgullosa de ser una Slytherin y mi novio siempre ha sido un Gryffindor con todas la de la ley y como dicen... El amor viene en todos los colores . . . #book #bookish #bookstagram #books #bookporn #booknerd #bookworm #bookgeek #bookstagrammer #libros #bibliophile #instabook #ebooks #travel #libros  #libro #booklover #coverlove  #bookstagrammer
#simonvsthehomosapiensagenda #bookstagram #bookreview #bookrecommendations #spoilerfree #bookdiscussion Okay, so this is my first book review and book recomendation on Instagram. If this gets positive feedback then I might do a video on YouTube. I'll be reviewing books and doing any videos you guys want me to do. Well within reason because I'm still a junior in high school. This is a spoiler free review, if you guys want a spolier review or discussion then just comment that below. I honestly loved 'Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda'. If I could erase reading this book from my mind to reread it and fall in love with it all over again I would. This book was incredibly relatable and I loved that. This book made me want to cry along with Simon and be him at times. I think if you have not read it then you should. This book besides having the elements of a classic "romance novel" was incredibly hilarious. I love this book and I want to read the rest of Miss Albertalli's books now. I could not put this book down, I only put it down to eat, sleep and use the bathroom. I read it in three days; it was that amazing! That's all I have for now. Thank you my Snakes. I hope you enjoy this because I did. Sincerely, Slytherin's Princess
Yesterday I got to finish The Praise of Folly at last, because I was really eager to start with this one here: Peter Pan and Wendy by J. M. Barrie. I've had time to read a couple of chapters and all I can say is: my childhood is officially back! I think I'm enjoying it more than I could ever enjoy the film itself... Plus, look at this marvelous edition, @australeditorial has me definitely in love with it, and it isn't the first time that happens. - #booknerd #bookstagramespaña #bookstagram #book #books #librosgram #libros #librosrecomendados #currentlyreading #bookphoto #instabook #editorialaustral #
Интересная штука, подкупает необычным форматом.Эдакий календарь саморазвития на год. Будет интересна и как тем кто читал 'Тайну' этого же автора или смотрел фильм 'Секрет', так и просто любителям обогатиться новыми мыслями. Очевидное всегда рядом, но следовать ему не всегда легко или хочется.📚 #bookstagram #book #саморазвитие #rhondabyrne #secret #thanks #love #universe #благодарность #книги #мысливслух #интересное
<3 this show
#justfinished reading this one. My reaction was .........meh? I like the podcast these guys have—good advice, 90% of the time (when they’re wrong, I think they’re REALLY wrong, like that time they told a girl with major depressive disorder to try regular exercise....🤯😡 but I digress) but I like Ryan more than I like Josh. Anyway Josh mostly wrote this one, and his writing voice really started to irritate me by a hundred or so pages in. I 110% believe he would be delightful if I met him in person, but his prose is just trying too damn hard, and he occasionally makes these sweeping judgments that irritate me. Whatever. I had a fine time reading this (it was part of my #libraryhaul yesterday and I totally binge-read it!), and I’ll keep listening to their podcast. Still looking for a book about minimalism to truly love—Marie Kondo doesn’t do it for me either. . So, talk to me about your feelings re: minimalism, whether that’s a thing you cultivate in your life, and why or why not, and any books to recommend?
En sevdiğim kitap serisi “Alacakaranlık” ve çok tatlış “Krem Şokala” tarifimm♥️ Alacakaranlık(Twilight) serisi çıktığı dönemden itibaren çok ses getiren ve sevilen bir kitap dizisi olmuştu. Filmleride kitapları kadar çok ilgi görmüştü hatta. Benimde ortaokul lise dönemlerimde karşılaştığım bu kitaplar, gördüğüm andan itibaren çok merak uyandırmıştı bende. Çocukluk arkadaşım @gozdecbci nin kitaplığında rastlamıştım Alacakaranlık kitabına.🤗 Vampirli,değişik bir konusu olduğunu biliyordum ve arkadaşımdan alıp hemen okumuştum. Ve sonraki devam kitaplarını ve tüm filmlerini arkadaşımla birlikte okuyup izlemiştik. O dönemde konusu gerçekten sıradışı gelmişti bize ve çokta sürükleyiciydi. Ama bugün olmasına rağmen hala en sevdiğim kitap serisidir kendisi.😌♥️ Ve Krem Şokala tarifim♥️🍧 Malzemelerimiz; •1 litre süt •3 yemek kaşığı nişasta •1,5 yemek kaşığı un •1 su bardağı şeker •1 paket vanilya •2 yemek kaşığı kakao •1 yemek kaşığı terayağı •Yarım paket bitter çikolata Üzeri için; 1 su bardağı süt 1 paket toz krem şanti Yapılışı ise çokk kolay. 🤗 İlk önce kakao ve şekeri bir tencerede güzelce karıştırıyoruz. Daha sonra üzerine sütü,nişastayı,unu ve çikolatayı ekleyip kaynayana kadar karıştırıyoruz. Kaynadıktan sonra ise, vanilya ve tereyağını ekliyoruz ve ocağı kapatıyoruz. Buzdolabında 1 saat kadar soğuduktan sonra üzerini krem şantiyle süslüyoruz. Ve çok çikolatalı tatlışımız hazırr.♥️ #bookstagram #kitaplarım #kitapserisi #kitaplarımveben #kitapkurdu #favorilerim #kitap #kitaplık #kitapönerisi #kitapsevgisi #kitapayracı #kitapsever #alacakaranlık #twilight #kitapokumak
So having some library card envy over here! How gorgeous is this card featuring @mrsteveantony and his ‘Mr Panda’ ! . . . . Do you have an awesome library card?! Share a pic with us and use the hashtag #librarycardpride . It’s the best card you can own right!! 🎉🙌🏻📖 . #Repost @mrsteveantony ・・・ Check out Swindon Borough’s new library card for kids! Designing this was more than an honour. I can still remember the feel of the worn and tatty paper library card I owned as a child. I never imagined in a million years I’d end up designing one! And for those who say people don’t use libraries anymore, I have you know that my books were borrowed more than 1000 times each week in U.K. libraries last year. I feel really lucky to have such a great rapport with my local librarians. In fact, I’ve just come out of a creative brainstorming session with the team - watch this space! And I’ve also just collected all the entries to the When I Grow Up art contest we held last month. I really have no idea how I’m going to pick just 15 winners (1 winner per Library, no less). #librariesrock #swindon #swindonlibraries #librarycard #pleasemrpanda #librariesofinstagram #bookstagram #kidsbookstagram #read #steveantony #librarycardpride #illustration #kidsillustration #books #instabooks #booksofinstagram