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Little training update!⬇️ - Ive been meaning to change up my split for awhile but haven’t had the opportunity to get to it until this week. I’ve decided to start a PPL (Push/Pull/Legs) split, and I’m already LOVING IT. I wanted to do something much different with this new split, and I’ve heard many good things about training this way. It goes like this: Day 1: Push (chest, shoulders, triceps) Day 2: Pull (back, rear delts, biceps) Day 3: Legs Day 4: REST Day 5: Push Day 6: Pull Day 7: Legs - I want to focus on increasing my strength on my main compound movements (squat, deadlift, bench press, shoulder press) as well as increasing volume overall. With this split, it’s easy to add more volume as you train each muscle group twice a week! Alongside that, I’ve been focusing on increasing my weight, lowering my reps, and increasing my rest time between sets in order to get my strength up!! So, instead of sticking to my previous 3x10-12 with 45 second rests in between sets scheme, I’ve been doing more 5x5 or 4x6-8 with 2-5 minute rests in between sets. I’ve enjoyed it because as I increase the weight I feel stronger, and the workouts really kick my butt😝😅 If you’re looking to change up your workout routine, I highly highly recommend trying a PPL split😍 And as always, dm me if you have any questions or wanna know moore💕💕
A little snippet of my boxing 🥊 session a few weeks ago!! 3 things that have improved since... 1️⃣Technique 2️⃣Speed 3️⃣Foot work Saying that I still have loads of room for improvement and every time I get those gloves 🥊 on I’m excited to see what else I have the ability to do! Everyone starts’s only when you’re consistent and see it through you realise what you’re capable off...😁🙌🏽 - #boxing #video #girlswhopunch #AJBXNG #anthonyjoshua #fan #passion #stayhungry
I always used to be so focused on being a “lean bean.” . To most regular, non competing gym goers, I am #goals . My main focus post #pyeloplasty was to just get in the gym groove again and be as healthy as possible to heal my kidney. . Fast forward 1 year 4 months my goal is now to get as strong as possible. . I went months with no gym and straight bed rest. When I could finally gym it, it was fucking hard. I was weak for so long. My stomach muscles were sliced and diced making most all workouts VERY challenging and uncomfortable. . Here’s your reminder that it’s ok to change your goals. It’s ok to not be stage weight or damn near close all year. . Pretty sure this is the most confident I’ve ever been. All because I’ve taken the last year to love myself a lot harder and deeper 💜🍑❤️ . . . #strengthphase #finally #bodybuilding #bootybuilding #positivemindset #growthmindset #kidneyhealth #workfuckingharder #forthegains #physicalandmentalhealth #positiveaffirmations #manifest
AMRAP week I love amrap sets 😍 but three sets of bench 🤮 last set shown And tempo squats
But the end, you have to be your own hero, because everybody is busy trying to save themselves 💓 - 🔜Something RAW and personal coming your way in 10 days to mark 2yrs of being my own hero and following a seemingly impossible dream, because my gut said so 😇 . . . . @muscatmediacreative @the_sportsmodel_project @hattieboydle @clique_styling
Sitting at about 130, ~5 or 6 lbs over my stage weight. When you are changing your body so drastically, you only see the linear progression and you become blinded by how great you think you look and not what a normal body looks like. Once your body starts adjusting to eating more food and you start to gain weight, the alarms go off. BUT ITS OKAY. More food = more gainz. Getting heavier shouldn't scare you ESPECIALLY if you just did a show and it took me a little bit to accept it. Thanks @tavishsteele for explaining this to me cause I was legit freaking out 😅 • • • • • • • • • #legday #quads #gymmotivation #postpreplife #bodyconfidence #bodybuilding #powerlifting #bootybuilding #posing #figureposing #figurecompetitor #npc #offseason #pleasegrow #gaintrain #letsgetitdone #getbig #moremuscle #eatmorefood #powerbuilding #strengthblock #teamsteele #ignite #booty
On Thursdays we train glutes 🍑
Some good stuff! - I like using my fitness pal. I used it for years and then one day I realized I measured and marked so many times that I literally can measure my food by sight and count everything up in my head- - If you don’t want to calorie count you have to be somewhat structured in how you are eating. I use meal replacement supplementation and it makes it WAYYYYY EASIER and more convenient and I get more bang for my buck! - Message me for details on nutrition and supplementation tips! Click link in bio for free wellness evaluation!!
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