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Everybody wanna be a “coach” , but do you have your foundation straight? Join me tonight at 8:30pm EST as I share 3 things to consider when starting your coaching business!
Gods plan is better ❤️
As per a TOI report, the chairman of AAI, Guruprasad Mohapatra informed that AAI didn't have the provision to hire women before as firefighting was considered a man's job. Thus, the recruitment rules were changed, and only then was Sanyal hired. While the work description was kept the same for both men and women, the height and weight norms were relaxed. Male firefighters are required to be 5.24 feet tall and 50 kg in weight. Women need to weigh a minimum of 40 kg. The chairman said that more female firefighters will be hired in future. Taniya Sanyal completed her Master's degree in Botany. She told TOI that she had always wanted a challenging job and the noble profession has her very excited. "It is a matter of pride and great honour for me," she said. - Source: IndiaToday - #HerNetwork | #Winning18 - #bossladiesmindset #ladyboss  #ladyonhergrind #herglobalnetwork #queening #womensupportingwomen #greatness #entrepreneur #bosswoman #dailyinspirations #inspirewomen #femalefounders #femaleentrepreneur #womenempowerment #buildyourempire #branding #creativeentrepreneur #girlboss #bossbabes #bossbabe #ladyboss
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My business is changing and it terrifies and excites me. ➰ I was so afraid of what people would think. Of what they’ll say. That they’ll make fun of me behind my back (shock horror). ➰ No more. I am owning myself and what I’m doing. It’s on.