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Flexin on you hoes 💪🏼😂
This is Will. Will almost won a #BOSU #nexgen at the BOSU Booth yesterday. Will is having a blast as his first #ideaworld ! Will may not know this yet, but he’s coming back to try again today so he can take it back to #syracuse. The Expo Hall opens again soon!
These two battled like CRAZY at the #BOSU booth today! Did they win the #nexgen? Or will they be back with a new strategy tomorrow?! No doubt this girl is going to #vegas to train them up with some BOSU education!🔥🔥 #truth #hot #superfun #connections
@therealjhat33 give me 2 weeks bro I’ll clean it up!! Full body burner!!!
This feisty rockstar wants to WIN the free #BOSU #nexgen something fierce‼️🔥 Topping the Women’s Leader Board with me at the booth! IF you can beat her before the trade show closes tonight, you’ll win a free BOSU! Stop by the booth and bring your game face! #ideaworld
The guy in the background reminds me of those videos of people who don’t know how to use gym equipment. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
#TabataTuesday! Two #BOSU Balance trainers to challenge core and stability! Lower your chest all the way down to the platform side of the front . Need to take it down a bit? Options: 1. Drop your knees in the middle of Balance Trainers to regress the push-up. 2. Don’t lift the from overhead. 3. Don’t use the back at all. What other variations would you come up with? #tabatabootcamp