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I am so honored to be apart of this hilarious TV show! My episode airs this Monday! Please tune in and watch for good laughs. Here’s the info on how you can catch it. God is sooooo good!!!! I love you all! #blessed #pleasewatch #Grownfolks #Familytime #TVshow #TV #actress #actinglife #acting #comedy #mylife #PraisetheLord #Godisgood #Godismyagent #BounceTV #Harveststudios #JesusisLord @bentleyevans @keith_cherry @therealgthang Tune in – “Monday at 9:30/8:30c on @bouncetv” #GrownFolks episodes will be available to stream on-demand exclusively on the @BrownSugarapp ( Bounce Listings (for fans asking how to find Bounce) – “”
That’s a wrap for me on #inthecut on #bouncetv. Gonna miss the whole cast and crew full of AMAZING people and friends. Especially gonna miss this guy @iamkenl such a great talent! And so much fun!!
#TestimonyTime Email on Wednesday: "Request: Interview with @LarenzTate Host of the 2018 @TrumpetAwards Me: 😮 "Power", Girls Trip" "Love Jones", "Menace II Society", "Dead Presidents", 42-but-looks-24 Zaddy, LARENZ TATE?Yes, I'm interested." Publicist: "For what outlet?" Me: (Nervously responds back...) "My site," Publicist: "Confirmed" As a former contributing writer for several major publications, one of the hardest things I've done within the last year is walking away from more established sites with the belief that I can build & sustain my own brand. When you're not attached to a big site, the opportunities can be few & far between. At times it feels like I've fallen off & my peers are surpassing me...but then there are spontaneous opportunities like this one that motivates me to keep going. Thank you @4EverVaughn @CR8Agency @SibleyWorld and @BounceTV this was a blessing. (And thank you to my good friend @KanetraKing of @GentleGeniusPR for standing in as my videographer!)