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Lovely 💕📸💍
That ring!!! 😍💍💕
I am in love with this photo.
A random fact about me is that I really like salt.
There are too many hills in Atlanta.
Swipe----> to see this amazing transformation 😍 cut and color by muah 💋
Summer hair, don't care 🌞
4 days until spring break
I think the car in the background of this photos is what brings everything together.
Nature is bad
3 more days until the quarter is over...
Looking for a reason to care. Go follow my other Instagram to see the before and after of this photo. @wesleywaltheredits
It is all about your perspective.
Since it is almost prom season I am offering discounts on all couple photos this month. DM me for more details.
I have been awake for 30 hours and counting.