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Still at it ladies! ❤️💪🏻 But surely nearing the end. At this point I’m no longer offering the breast, Dylan gets to it all on his own when ever he feels the need 😌😊 Sometimes 5-6 times a day, sometimes through an entire nap with me, sometimes a day goes by and he doesn’t seem to notice my boobs are there (but that’s still very rare). I can’t believe we are still here... #happymommy . . . . #breastfeedingmom #mom #momlife #pumpingmom #pumpingatwork #pumping #pumplife #breastfeeding #exclusivelybreastfeeding #exclusivelypumping #lactationsupport #breastfeedingmom #breastfeedingstruggles #babyfood #liquidgold #breastmilk #formula #medela #fedisbest #breastisbest #1yearold #healthymommy #healthybaby #postpartum #postpartumjourney #breastfeedingjourney #breastfeedingbaby #workingmom #momblogger #momblog
I have lumps and bumps where I’ve never had lumps and bumps before, and, if I’m honest.... I don’t know how I feel about 🤔 😬 What was your relationship with your post-partum body? #lovelyladylumps
Are you pregnant and worried about breastfeeding? - Our online breastfeeding courses teach you how to breastfeed without pain using the Thompson Method. - Learn more on our website (link in bio). #TheThompsonMethod
A few weeks after having the baby and my C-section, I was healed enough to start wearing some of my normal clothes. I had to cut the sides on several of my pairs of PJ shorts to be able to fit into them, due to the size of my thighs at the time. 🙈 I just put this pair on tonight, and pinched together where the shorts would have been before I cut them. I am blown away how much size I've lost in my legs already. It's the little things that show you your progress sometimes. 🙌 . #250kchallenge #employeechallenger @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition #progress #progressnotperfection #fatloss #fatlossjourney #itsthelittlethings #postpartum #postpregnancy #postpregnancyfitness #postpartumfitness #fitmom #newmom #csection #ebf #breastfeedingjourney
To say that breastfeeding has been fun or easy would be a lie. To say it’s been a learning experience with lots of bumps and turns would be much closer to the truth. I do however LOVE the sweet bond I share with Hayden. And I LOVE when he falls asleep in my arms during a feeding. Nothing is sweeter. Soon it will be time to wean him and although I’m counting down the days to freedom, I’m also dreading it at the same time because I know I’m going to miss it. It’s a love hate relationship. 💔I’m proud of me and I’m proud of him. So here’s to 10 months of breastfeeding! 🙌🏻 Mom friends pls give me your tips to an easy weaning process :) #breastfeedingjourney #10monthsstrong #wecandohardthings #breastfeedingbond #haydencrisp
Allah uji kita dgn SAKIT . Allah uji kita dengan SULIT. Allah uji kita dengan LELAH Tapi laluilah dengan SABAR Pasti semuanya akan jadi INDAH Kerana Sabar itu indah Nak sabar tidak mudah Sentiasalah bertabah Walau hati gundah Walau penat lelah Tetap kena bersabar Tetap kena teruskan langkah Bak kata orang.. Tiada manisnya buah jika tiadanya masam Begitu jugalah kehidupan Tiada yg indah jika tiada kepahitan 😉 Begitulah keindahan itu Biasanya datang selepas menempuhi kesakitan, Kesulitan dan kelelahan. Jadi, berSABARlah wahai sahabat Pasti kejayaan menunggu di depan Suatu keINDAHan Diiring SENYUMan keBAHAGIAan
You know, the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me was this little man right here. He has brought me more life. He has taught me to be more patient. He has lifted me up when I least knew it. He has given me a reason to look forward to more LOVE! To think that I grew this human being is so crazy. He’s a part of me and Jr. & I just think that is so beautiful. He is the most amazing little man. He’s so strong and so smart. I live for these moments by your side. Breastfeeding has been an amazing journey. Honestly, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it for this long. I’m glad I didn’t quit when it got tough. I would literally cry the first couple nights because it was so hard. The struggle was real the first week, but we made it baby boy. It’s the best bond I could ever ask for with you. You are a pro now. I’m enjoying every day and making the best of it. This is the greatest gift. True love. 💙 #breastfeedingmomma #breastfeeding #breastfeedingjourney #postpartum #6monthsstrong #breastfedbaby #healthybaby #nutrition #babyboy
Serving and attempting to inspire others is a responsibility, not a choice. Bill Courtney . I know breastfeeding for a working mom is never easy.. Setiap pagi kena siapkan peralatan perang (pump, storage bag or bottle, power supply, etc). Tu belum yg tersumbat la, baby confuse nipple la. The struggle is real. Nak kena pastikan stok susu cukup dan kalau boleh sampai 2 tahun. It is really exhausting. Tapi tak mustahil dan achievable. Ramai yg dh berjaya so kita just follow their foot step je. . Susah? Yes tapi tidak sesusah dulu. Lagipun skrg ada mcm2 jenis pam hebat2 yg boleh bantu kita.. Ada banyak video youtube siap bg tutorial bagai. So apa lg alasan kita. Breastfeeding is not a choice but responsibility. At least setakat 6bulan. Unless you have medical and health complication seumpamanya. . Ummi share hasil pam, Bukan nk bgtau ummi byk susu. Tapi to inspire other.. Kalau ummi yg tua ni boleh.. So can you mommies. Susu banyak dimata org lain, belakang tabirnya seorang ummi yg bangun di saat semua org lain nyenyak tido.. Pam sambil tersengguk-sengguk.. Whats up with all the hard work? Because she just wanted to give the best for her child. Sacrifice after sacrifice. . Pernah dulu bila share hasil pam, kawan perli di fb dgn share kata-kata ustaz yg mengatakan kononnya mommies yg tayang hasil pam ni samalah macam menayang auratnya.. Astaghfirullahalazim.. Dan sidia yg share bertudung singkat dan lengan pun kelihatan.. So yg tu xmau cover ka? Ok not trying to cari dosa org lain sbb dosa ummi pun menimbun. Cuma nak bgtau.. Ummi pun ada rujuk ustaz sebelum post gambar tu.. And all i want is to inpire others.. And i am willing to share ilmu dan pengalaman yg Allah pinjamkan.. Xde niat nak menunjuk. Alhamdulillah some people ter inspire dan telah berjaya pun. Tahniah 😍. Kalo ada rasa nak menunjukpun, tu ummi nak tunjuk pam anak dh kasi otograf tu hehe.. Anyway.. I enjoy my #breastfeedingjourney dan semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya.
"If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it." It doesn't come easy. It works if you do. If you are making the decisions daily. The small changes each day are what will get you there!
Just to think I'm a few days away from making 1 year on this journey... I also don't think I'll be stopping there though. Going to see where the rest of this journey goes and how long it can go :) ❤❤
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Say what?! #fortydays 40 days of taking care of myself of making healthy food choices Of showing up for myself Of showing up for my family So proud of myself for sticking to it! You see I wasn't always that person that stuck to it. I use to quit at the first site of struggle. Through this journey God has allowed me to see that in those moments are when character is built and strength is gained. (James 1:2) Maybe you are that person that has quit several times and feel defeated because of it. I am here to tell you... It's never to late. Get Up! Rise Up! See the potential God has in you!!! I want you to experience that from the bottom of my heart. #teamliveloved