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I relate to this so much. Some days I really do know I can conquer the world. Some days I forget and it takes me hours to convince myself to shower or get our of bed. Some days I feel like I eat like a somewhat normal, healthy human. Some days taking 3 bites feels unbearable and impossible. Some days I get everything on my to-do list finished. Some days I barely get by. I have good days and bad days. And that's okay - recovery isn't meant to be a linear journey. It's about balance. It's about knowing better days are ahead and allowing myself to grow through the bad days. 💙
Good morning ! Breakfast today is carrot cake oats sweetened with dates and date syrup ! - - - Woke up and for some reason started remembering the days were eating healthy was a thing I do for my health not for “I have to do that “ I really want to get there soon .Lets hope this is the start of it !
Day 4: So ive been struck down with some sort of illness. Confirmed by bloodtests and my fever woo. Last night was rough i was dry heaving because i felt so unwell and kept begging to go home because the treatment is making me worse. I wouldnt stop crying until they gave me Valium which knocked me out. This has to be the hardest thing ive ever had to do. 4 more days of just ng feeds and i'll be transferred to the mental health unit to introduce food orally. Wish me luck 😎 #hospitallife #Hospital #Sick #Flu #NGTube #Beauty #Grace #Anoreixa #anorexiarecovery #Recoverywin #recovery #Ana #Battle #Fight #warriors #ed #edbattle #Happiness #Teenager #18 #2019 #bulimiarecovery #Bulimia #Babysteps #ward
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What’s your favourite “body confidence” quote? ❤️❤️ I just want to put it out there that I do not in ANY WAY want to influence others to follow this advice, however if you feel as if you have to then this is the safest way to deal with ana. - NEVER fast for more than 10 days - NEVER eat solid food straight away after a fast that’s longer than 3 days - Drink LOTS of water before and after every meal, instead of snacks. Your stomach needs something inside it to make sure it doesn’t destroy itself. - Try to restrict how often you weigh yourself. Maybe instead of everyday try once every week. - Possibly up your calorie limit by another 25, or 50, or 100 if you’re up for it. It keeps you healthy. Love you all, please stay safe if you struggle with this at all ❤️❤️ #anorexianervousa #ana #anarecovery #bulimia #bulimiarecovery #help #support #love #loveyourself #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety
peppermint hot chocolate!! 🍫 Today was a good day, I had lunch at @panerabread with @aroughh !! I’m so thankful for her, she’s the best ❣️. I’ve been struggling a little lately with my exercise, and my lack there of. It’s made me feel so bad about myself and I’ve been trying to deal with the negative thoughts but it’s really hard. I’m hoping this week is better but I just have to cross my fingers. 🌎💙🌸 #eatingdisorderrecovery #bulimiarecovery #bulimic #edrecovery #recovery #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bopo #selflove
I was going to face my fears and tell the people I have felt hurt and betrayed by, but I couldn’t I was too scared, and feel I am to blame for everything. I feel like I have hurt and cause to much pain to everyone around me. I hate who I am, what I do and what I look like. I can’t seem to stop the anger, sadness and the fears. ED seems to be so hard to break. Feeling lost and Numb. #fightingforrecovery #mentalillnessrecovery #edrecovery #bulimiarecovery #deppression #findingmyself #findinghope
Don't wait until YOU hit rock bottom (like I did) to make a change in your life. Learn how to spark a turning point TODAY. See link in bio. I'm participating in @thehealthybutcher 's 28 Day Health Challenge. It's Day 6. This experience reminded me of MY TURNING POINT... almost 20 years ago. #diet # #weightlossjourney #weightloss #edrecovery #turningpoint #rockbottom #spark #change #changeyourlife #community #today #maketodaycount #challenge #toronto #recipe #bulimia #bulimiarecovery #healthybutcherhealthchallenge #queenwest #recovery #recoveroutloud #dietpop #diet soda
So I’m gonna be real with you. I wasn’t going to share this, but I thought I should.. Mentally I have felt drained. This being a home owner at 22? Is hard. Continuing my eating disorder recovery? Is even harder some days. . . . Today i did have therapy day.. We meet at my parents. You know? That can be really hard. The change of moving out, that has been hard....Being away from what was a “safe” place for me was one of the hardest things. So when I go home, it can be hard. Some bad memories because of my eating disorder but also really REALLY good memories that I miss. Along with not seeing my family every day. Like literally lately, I see them or talk to them on the phone, I cry after.. it’s just one of those things that will get easier just like with my eating disorder. . . . I don’t really talk about this side of it much because it’s one of those things where I don’t even think about it because it’s second nature to have to mentally work at it every day. Being in an eating disorder recovery is a 24/7 job whether you are a month into it or over 2 years. It is draining. Some days more than others. I know tho, if you have never had to go through it yourself or live with someone in recovery (or not), it’s really hard for you to understand which is why I share. . . . You know what though? I push through. You bet I do. My parents raised me + my sister as fighters. They taught us to love ourselves. They taught us to be the best us we can be so that’s what I am doing. That’s why I push through..... I cope in different ways ... I clean like a crazy lady lol. Or I just try to relax or journal. . . . I’m just here to remind you that you aren’t alone if you feel like you are sometimes. To remind you that it isn’t easy. It won’t ever really get easier, you just get stronger + learn better ways to cope with your feelings. AND If you struggle with an eating disorder or are in any kind of recovery & need to talk, I’m here..