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Mind your own business LoL I can't clean and cook I don't even know where my trash is I never heard about mac Donald's And I don't know what a Ford is.... . BUT, MY BEST FRIEND IS TOM FORD. BYE @prilaga #byebyemoney #byebyeblonde #byebyewrinkles #byebyeschool #byebyesummer #byebyebirdie #byebyebabyweight #byebyeparis #byebyevillager #byebyebelly #byebyered #byebyelonghair #byebyecellulite #byebyebeard #byebyediet #byebyebaby #byebye2017 #byebyebraces #byebyebye #byebyeacne #byebyefat #byebyewinter #byebye #byebyehair #byebyesun #byebyelondon # #byebyemascara . .
Haven't been posting in here and most of my social networks for a very long time. First of all, because I promised myself to concentrate on finishing and submitting my paper. Second, I was concentrating on computational chemistry, and it takes a lot of time to learn it. And finally, my maternity leave just started, papers were submitted, I was all happy I can finally relax, but life is life, and first week went crazy. Tosya, my lovely corgi had an operation, then Evgeny, hubby, got a horrible flu. It felt like everything just happened at once. But now, finally, everything is getting better: job is done, my loved ones are getting better, and we got lovely relatives from Russia visiting us for Xmas and New year's Eve. I hope to leave all problems in 2017th and that 2018th will bring all of us joy and happiness, as well as a lot of traveling and creative time. How are you, my dearest subscribers? #difficulttimes #life #byebye2017
Last night last night i dreamt all night i was writing a wrong and rotting a right. Inevitably, in dream 3. There u were Spreading lies about me. I was drinking your pee. Probably my choice, though. Heehee. Either way, whatever ur doing to me, is stuck to my skin permanently. *Siiigh* Why do people have to disagree?? I mean Why can’t u assholes be more like ME!? A confused little child named after ejaculation-aw Geez! No wonder no one ever takes me so seriously. But i’ve got lots to show for at least. I’m not out all high on the streets. Although now who’s gonna take a care of me? That last “gf” was disappointing AF, just a tease. She wasnt ANYWHERE as mental-psychotic-fucked up as me. Im tired of these little GoOdīê gõÖDś with their boring wants and “needs”. Life hand me some lemons I need a SOUR main squeeZe. Someone who wont let me breathe. Choke me, ya bitch! YOU tell me what I need. Im a bad behaved dyke and that needs punishing, i think? You wanna say im abusive? Okay yeah! That’s ME! I’m whatever u say or want me to be. That makes me sound bad anyway so i’ll just have to agree. “Das right, Dat was me. I abused da SHIT outta dat bitch. Yeahsowhat I feel pleased” even though it shows that can hardly hurt ME. Accuse me of craziness, go ahead, let your imagination run free. “Loathe” “despise” haha oh god you & ur words r so EXTREME! Is playing with my life really that entertaining? it’s okay , good lord, causing more than what needs to be-sheeeesh. No matter what tho ur exaggerations wont ever mean shit to meee. I will tho admit tho like hunger to a hippo-it hurts me to mad degreez n shit, yo~*~Anyway, back to the point, ho. in the dream we’re both on our knees. &, of course, like a bitch you look displeased. The winner sticks around, the fucked up loser’s the one who leaves. Don’t give me none of that poppycock about building supportive ‘teams’. Thats just ur way of softening the blow to ur fucked up scheme. Oh well then u dick-Put the S in front, bitch, hows that for teams~~~go from creams to a scream~~*~*~*~ and move out my damn way I’ve got places to be #lolimbadathands #sourin #oldworld #byebye2017 #bitchicamefromthebottom #mmmmyourbottom