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Please don't tell me home is the house I grew up in Because I felt at home when we went skinny dipping in the salty water late at night. Star gazing and watching the plankton ignite our silouhettes. I felt at home when we sat in the long grass on the cliff side watching the sun rise and bring colour to the bay. I felt at home in all of those connected conversations when we talked of the magic that lights the fire in our hearts. And oh how at home I felt in In your arms when you squeezed all of the air back into my lungs so I could breathe again. But I have never felt so far from home As I did When I went back To those four walls
Rainy beach days in Byron Bay during winter.
Starting to feel like summer with all the sunshine, food, friends and family, just missing the beach 🌊🌴
Will never get sick of this view 😌
Aye it's a Sunday 🌞