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{ 21.1.18 20:47pm} Aw its lil freddies 2nd birthday💓. Remember when no one in the fandom believed he was real and that it was just modest faking the whole pregnancy, that was funny times and i bet freddie will get a laugh from that when he's older.I have college again tommorow and i highkey don't want to go,I love my friends and the animals there but I hate everything else about it, especially getting up at 6am😧. . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . QOTD{🌟}: Do you go college?If yes what do you study? If no, what do you do? . . AOTD{⭐}: I study Animal Management. . . Extra tags: @lightsluke @calumwyd @kimbumsgucci @antivistmgc @harryptus @justeightdorks @littlethingscal @lukeisflawlessbitches @5sos.muke.trash @ourbcyhes @princehemmo @justeightdorks @byelucas @sexgodgordon @calumisaworkofart @hypefanboy @prettypinkcalum @snugglingcal @cityartlouis @princehemmo @niallslucky.charm @larrys.dagger @chanellarry @scfetypin @cliffords.lullaby @5soshqpics @calumsyawn @tequilahood @5sosaffairs @whateverluek @flyawaynjh @slimshady.hood @httpcalum_ @secretcal_ @harry_fookinstyles_e @antivistmgc #harrystyles #calumhood
ashton ♡ it’s crazy. i had so much to say in my head but now that i’m sitting down and writing it out, it’s like it all went away. i’d be writing for years if i could say everything that i want to say. let’s start off with something simple. i love you. yes, you got that right baby. i love you. only you. there’s nobody else that i could ever love and will ever love more than you, besides our lil human. we’ve obviously kept that to ourselves, but i’m sharing it now. im so happy that im having a child with you and not someone else. wanna know why? simply because i’m in love with you. also though, because i know how amazing you are. i know how great of a father you’ll be. i know how protective, loving, caring, and supportive you will be. i know i’ll never have to worry about our baby being hurt as long as you’re around. i know that you’ll do everything you can to be helpful, even with me. you already know i have my moments, a lot. i usually yell and say a ton of shit i don’t mean. i make myself cry, and then i make you upset. i avoid cuddles when i really want you to just pick me up and hold me close. i’m always going to have a hard time admitting that when i’m upset. when we met over a year ago, you promised that you’d never let me go to sleep upset or alone. there have been a few times where that has changed but it was my fault. you’ve never let me sleep alone, especially when i’m upset. you’re always so persistent about me going to sleep with you. that’s one of the little things you do that means the world to me. i love when we take a shower together and you wash my hair for me. it’s so relaxing and so adorable. i love how if i move the slightest bit during the night, you automatically tighten your grip on me and pull me closer. i love how rough you get in bed, and how gentle you are as soon as we’re done. i love when you sing to me, even though you haven’t done it in a while. i love all of my little posts and the cute random messages i receive from you. i love all of your surprises. i love you opening up doors for me, and getting things for me so i can sit down and relax. i love seeing you smile, and hearing you laugh. i swear your smile could save me. +
ashtons mine; you’re irrelevant. go away.
hi baby! so you wrote me this really cute post to wake up to, and it made me cry all these happy tears. i’m so incredibly lucky to have you, really. you’re the reason i’m always smiling. the last time you left, it was a mess for me. i think that time was really what made me realize how much i truly love you and need you. i was sad on new years, i didn’t even stay up. in 2016, we went into 2017 together. literally. i stayed up for yours and you stayed up for mine. i was so upset knowing that i wasn’t going to start the year off with you. it killed me. so we didn’t start off the year together, but i have you again. that’s more than enough for me. i need you, okay? and i know you have a hard time believing that but i really fucking need you. when i’m upset, YOU make me happy. when i’m panicking, YOU calm me down. you do everything. it’s funny to me, we used to argue daily. we’ve had maybe one argument that lasted five minutes. i really truly think that things are getting better for us and will continue to get better. thank you for loving me unconditionally and making sure i’m okay. thank you for always being there. you’re my world. i’m so eternally grateful that i have you as my best friend. i wouldn’t want anyone else. i love you so fucking much. good morning, bub. ♥️
an angel
this picture has nothing to do with ashton but reminder that i fucking love my boy so much and he’s all MINE.
somewhere in me there is hope that michael will glow back up
CAL 21. 5’4. ashtons. overprotective. easily jealous. resides in new york. loves puppies. listens to blackbear too much. like and comment your name lbl for a tbh.