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SOLD: Closed on my dad's house in Irvine today. Sold it off market, all cash, no contingencies, before we went live on the mls. I also represented the buyer... one of of all tine favorite repeat clients, @flipsocal. Bill, as always, thanks again for another smooth deal! It's such a pleasure working with you! • • • My sister Andrea flew out from NC tonight. She's driving one of my dads cars out to North Carolina, and to help with the pack up (I negotiated a free 30 day rent back with the cash deal for my dad 😉👌🏻). So cool we are all together tonight under one roof, to have a champagne toast on the closing of his house. • • • He moved into this home in 1989. A lot of memories to pack up. It's the end of an era for sure. I'm happy for my dad, and his new life journey. He'll be close to my sister, and my aunt, uncle and cousins. He'll also have a brand new construction waterfront home, for half of what his tiny home in Irvine sold for -- so he'll be living large on the cheap! Shout out to my rockstar family realtors, Brenda Wilson and Randy Wilson for putting the NC deal together. • • • So surreal to know he'll no longer be in California, but I know this is the right move for him, and can't wait to see the new home when it's completed in June! ..oh, and hop in the water across the street and go kayaking. Here's some pics of his lot, the house sketch, and the view.
Networking is essential to your growth, so is balance! Special thanks to @miamiypn @miamiaor for another great social!! Can't wait for the next event!
Wyd if you find all this and no one is around? 🤔