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The perfect almost Friday celebration 🍾 @pinterest
I wanna wish the happiest of birthdays to my awesome manager, and favorite vegan friend, Sarah! This picture still makes me laugh! She couldn't have the coating on her corn because it wasn't vegan friendly 😣 Wellll, I know you're birthday is coming to a close, but I hope you had an amazing day and I hope this year is for the books! Sorry I forgot your care today. Im the worst! Love you girlfriend 💜💜💜 @bringdarooookus #happybirthday #yourethebest #celebrate
Feeling the bump outfit today! @ian.morganmurray and I have now been together for 7 years, and I think this year will be the best yet. Having him by my side during our 6 years of infertility has been what got me through the toughest of times and lowest of lows. We can't wait to welcome Pingu into the world, we are so in love already 💖 Everyday I am so overjoyed and learning to love my growing and changing body. The first trimester has had is ups and downs and a few scares but I feel like we are on the way up! I can't wait to celebrate all the wonderful things this year has to offer! #bump #pregnancystyle #love